Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stop The Drama

Bunny here with a little story that I can hardly believe myself as I type it.

I may have mentioned on a few occasions that Morgan is a bit obsessed with teaching me to place this bitey face game.  It seems a bit barbaric to me, as I do not believe that my head belongs in anyone else's mouth.  I mean, I know Mom says I'm sweet and all, but I don't think that means I should be tasted by a certain dog of German heritage around here.

Well, tonight Morgan came up with a new idea to try to get me to play bitey face.  She tried putting her head in my mouth.  I swear that's what happened!  Dad tells some crazy story about how I just walked up and bit her ear, but he has a hidden agenda.  Trust me, she tried to force her head into my mouth!

In that moment, there was a bit of loud barking, by me, of course.  I shouted "Get your hairy head out of my mouth" but Dad thought I was attacking his princess and yelled to knock it off in a loud voice.  Mom was downstairs getting our food.  The moment passed and I thought that was the end of it.

Oh, no!  It turns out that Morgan has been to acting school!  She walked around with her ear half cocked and Dad came over on the couch with her, making a big deal out of it.  Morgan was acting all pathetic and sitting in Dad's lap part of the time.  I can't believe he fell for all that show! 

I mean, look at her just a few minutes after getting up on the couch.  Does that look like the face of an injured dog?  She was totally playing Dad, and the worst of it was that they were sitting in MY SPOT!  I gave Dad a certain look and then they both got up and moved. 

I had to sit up there and guard the couch and Mom's feet the rest of the night.  If anybody needs an actress for a movie, I know where you can find one.  We'll just have to get her out of Dad's lap first!

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  1. Woo two are going to be a brilliant team - honing your skills on each other and then the poor unsuspekhting humans -


    PeeEssWoo: FYI, bitey bod is a great game! We Russians like it too!

  2. Oh gee!!
    Those german shepherds sure know how to get on the good side of people don't they?

  3. Oh Bunny, how we laughed at your story and those pictures. Just perfect!
    We must warn you that GSD's are very good at acting.
    Back in the days when our humans had Petra, GSD, she would come and tell our mum that one of the then younger humans had stood on her paw!
    She would lift her paw up and look for cuddles and snuggles - the human children, now adults, insist she was at it most of the time!!!!
    Bunny you are going to have your work cut out!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  4. Oh, good luck, Bunny! Morgan knows how to work Daddy pretty good. But I notice you got your spot back and that shows you're still in control. You could try fighting fire with fire, I guess. Whenever there's a little difference of opinion you could whimiper, hold up a paw -or if you're going for the Academy Award, limp a little - before Morgan gets a chance.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Must be da German heritage in hers...I mean, I wouldn't haves da slightest knowledge of dat though...wink, wink. Them german doggies are sumptin else, always thinking they are rulers of all and everything. I'm not helping am I or at leat my case?
    Mr. TT is a sucker.


  6. What a drama queen. Sheesh. Sounds like the time I got kicked out of daycare for letting a boxer put his head in my mouth. I was just trying to make friends.


  7. Bunny, you're just going to have to hone up your acting skills too. I know you don't like to lower yourself to Morgan's level but we can't have her snickering at you, and it sure looks like that's what she's doing! You go girl!

  8. Bunny, you are simply going to have to learn the art of feline stealth. What I do is when no-one is looking I leap onto Lucius! Of course I then get scolded for attacking the kitten....perhaps you shouldn`t take any advice from me until I get a few kinks worked out.


  9. You go Bunny! Be strong and don't let them push you around, we believe you and we've got your back:)

  10. Hang in there Bunny!

    No plans for Dewey for us - Mr D already thinks I'm a little greyhound-obsessed, so Dewey might have to wait a bit :)

  11. Sorry Bunny, but I has to say Morgan duss me prowd. I see as a German sisfur, she has obviously readed the German shepherd manual thorowly and follows it to the woof.

  12. Hahaha You make a funny duo, Haylie comes sulking to me all the time after bitey face and Fred definitly knows she is living it up for attention!

  13. Maybe you could get Morgan to earn a bunch of extra money with her acting skills and buy you more collars and coats!

    Funny, I've seen the same behavior in our dogs, especially when a new young one joins the house. The young one will stick his head into the jaws of the older one, as if to try to make the older one more comfortable with rough playing. So, Bunny, I think that Morgan was actually trying to do a nice thing... even if you didn't like it very much (to put it mildly)!

  14. LOL what a great pic of Morgan. Bunny, now that Morgan has shown herself to have acting ability its going to be a whole new game!

  15. Queen Natasha was in horror at one part of the story. Your dad was in YOUR spot on the couch? Morgan can be forgiven, she is new, but the dad should know better. (At least he responded to "the look."

  16. Oh, Bunny, how unfair! I believe you! What a con artist that Morgan is!!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Hi Bunny,
    So HAPPY to see you!! I love you greyhounds so much!! So are so special!! But GSd's are too and they are very good at acting!!! It comes natural to them!!! If you get too much of Morgan you can come a visit us. We would love to have you!!!!!!!!!!!
    XXOO, Bambi & Fern

  18. We understand - those newcomers can really be a nuisance.

    Woos ~ Phantom and Thunder

    Hey, Ciara here, what did I do?

  19. um, Your mom and dad do know that ear biting is "saying" something quite specific, don't they? duh... like hello, it means "your queen and you were telling Morgan you're queen" and Morgan was agreeing with YOU... but i think the queen may have over reacted to such submissiveness! ;) maybe? tee hee...

    GSD's are clowns and entertainers in general. don't trust her. i wouldn't. ;) then again i like the untrustworthy!

  20. Oh dear, dear, dear! That Morgan is something else. I can't believes how cheeky she is! (I gots that from some of our You Kay furends - do you like it?) Sorry abouts your dad being so taken in by her. Humans can be awfully gullible sometimes. I'm glad he hasn't completely lost his mind and moved outta your spot when you told him to. So maybe all is not lost.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  21. I keep telling you that Morgan is ... "special" but you don't believe me BOL
    I've got something new to say too: It's not Dear Twinkie without Houndstooth!!! It sucks. I'm thinking about handing in my resignation!

  22. I think you should go to acting school too, and see who is more convincing.

  23. Morgan is quite the babe at heart! I got one drama queen over here if you need one
    Benny & Lily

  24. Oh Bunny,

    I feels fur you girlfuriend. My cuzin Archie is always doin' dat to me. We be playin' he yelps and it's ALL my fault...doofus.
    I can't BELEEVES your dad fell for her act. ;)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  25. That is so cute!! We love the pictures! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  26. Oh, Bunny, I am so sorry you have an actress/diva in your house but I know you love Morgan and wouldn't dare tell on her, right?
    I know you may not appreciate me saying so but the second to last photo of Morgan explains why your dad fell for her "sob story"...I mean, look at that big smile and those "I love you eyes" already!!!!
    Cheer up, Bunny, your mom really does know what's going on even if your dad has taken sides with your new sister!
    By the way, thanks for commenting on the blog post about the dog who climbed Mt. Washington tonight. I am so sorry I've been so bad about following up with everyone but it's hard to comment on everyone's blog posts sometimes!

  27. new here in your blog, you have some large dogs. adorable photos! ill be hopping around, new follower, jazevox

  28. I can't believe Morgan did that!!
    Sure she is the best actress!
    Glad you got your spot on the couch back!
    Be patient, Bunny!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. miss bunny,
    i can't believe your daddy fell for miss morgan's acting! at least you got your spot on the couch back!
    the booker man

  30. did I miss this yesterday?? Oh wells,

    You just thought Morgan was going to da Obiedience Trainings, didn't ya? Now you know da REAL truth. She be going to Acting Classes with you know who! Hee Hee.

    I am loving that look she giving you, after kissing up to dad. It be like "NaNa NaNa BooBoo...I got hims wrapped round my paw"


  31. Poor Bunny -- look at that usurper with her silly cute tongue and ears going every which way!


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