Saturday, August 14, 2010

Backpacking To School

Bunny here, writing about my exciting trip to school with Mom this week.

I have to confess, I've felt a little left out here lately.  Morgan and Blueberry are always playing together and Morgan is always getting in Mom or Dad's face for attention.  I've started feeling like the invisible puppy.  When Mom asked me if I wanted to go with her this morning, my tail would not stop wagging!  It was a trip just for me.

Since we were going to Mom's school, I decided to wear my back pack.  All the kids get to wear theirs to school, so I figured I'd carry my treats and water bowl in mine.  For the record, I did NOT carry poop in my back pack at any time, despite all those taunts from Dad.

Some of the kids in class were there last year, too, so they knew me already.  There were kids who have moved on to Kindergarten, too, who knew I was going to be there and came down to see me before they went to class.  One of them was my biggest fan from last year and I was really glad to see her.

A lot of them wanted to see me and they spent a lot of time petting me and catching up about what we all did over the summer.  I got acquainted with some of the new students, too.  I was surprised that they thought I am a big dog.  Wait until they meet Blueberry and Morgan!

Several of the kids asked if they could read to me.  I thought it was a great idea and we went over to the carpet by the books so we could get comfortable.  It was a little hard to pay attention to four stories at one time, but I did my best.  I was a little miffed that this one boy had a book with German Shepherd on it.  I asked Mom to make sure there was a Greyhound book there next time.

All too soon, it was time for me to go.  Dad came and picked me up.  The best part was that we went to Petsmart together before I went home.  After that, I enjoyed a nice nap until Mom got home from work.  It's hard work going to school!

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  1. Oh Bunny, you look so pretty in your backpack and coordinating harness and collar. Your Mum has great fashion sense:-) Yes, I think a greyhound book for next time is a good idea. I did read that a man in Australia has recently written a book for children about a greyhound! Maybe your Mum can get it for her Nook? I Googled nook but haven't looked at any photos of them yet! Did Dad buy you anything at Petsmart?



    Khyra and Khousin Merdie

  3. Bunny looks like she had a great day out!

    The book for children written here in Australia is "Kane Goes To The Beach," here's the link to it is at Greyhound Safety Net:

    A wonderful way to educate children about greyhounds.

  4. What fun going to school and seeing all the children! I'm sure they were so happy meeting you too :) I bet you're proudly telling Blueberry and Morgan about your adventure!

  5. Those children looked like they really enjoyed your visit Bunny!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  6. You most certainly are NOT the invisible puppy (well, unless you turn sideways).


  7. Bunny, we are so glad you had a special time at school :)
    I hope it made you feel happy and appreciated. You are lovely.

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  8. All we hear from kids that age is "Snow Dogs!"

  9. Wow! I bet the kids hope you come back real soon!


  10. I love your pink backpack!
    That must of been fun to go to school with mom and have stories read to you!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Bunny you look just perfect in your poopless backpack. I know the kidlets were thrilled to see you. That is such a special treat for YOU and the Kids. Grrrreat that you took your dad to PetSmart. Hope he snagged something grrrreat for you.
    Hey... I'm just LOVIN' all your fun comments on the Pawty Posts.. you are soooooo fun and Funny. hehehe

  12. Bunny looks just as loverly wearing your backpack, as you do wearing your pink boa!!!

    What a busy day fur work by day and pawtying by night!!


  13. Simply priceless - a lovely post. A joy to read - cheers. Spiffo (& Cami)

  14. Why you didn't tell us what else you gots in dat backpack...wink wink!
    Take evrthing out and show your readers what you REALLY gots stashed in theres.


  15. Bunny bunny bunny.. tat's such a sweet backpack you've got there.. :) Glad you had a great time with them kids... but 4 books read to you at the same time? them kids sure love to have you around... hehehhehee.. Have a great weekend dear!

  16. So sweet, sounds like you are so good with the kids. I do believe you have them totally adoring you. Stunning pack too, you are a hound of many talents to carry your own water bowl. Scooter was always so good with the kids, we really miss him around here.

    Thanks so much for sharing your day.

  17. Lucky kids!!! Wall-E really likes it when I let him greet customers. He is always well-behaved and friendly. Emmy is, also. Oscar has been known to pee on customers and growl at them, so we keep him behind closed doors!

    I have some pink sock monkeys. I have a solid pink with white, and one with hearts on white in different shades of pink. I also have a pink and white stripe with red head and mouth that I haven't made yet. I sell them for $20 and would be happy to send one to you. Just let me know.

  18. Bunny, you can see you really aren't taken for granted, even if it seems that way. You're the one who gets taken to school. You're the one that Mom picked to have a blog. Around the house the whole problem is probably that you aren't a problem. You're just too good for your own good. I'm sure you can develop a behavior problem if you absolutely have to, but it looks like it might not come to that.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  19. Oh Bunny it looks like you had to get all your attention from elsewhere. I would ignore the kid with the german Shepard on his book. Nutty. Hopefully he will get in trouble by the teacher. Hope you got lots of pets
    Benny & Lily

  20. Four stories at one time????!!!?!?!?!? Holy cow girl, you are really sharp!
    I am amazed your schools have started already. "Out West" where we are the schools don't start until after Labor Day. I loved your backpack. You always look so stylish, you put this Queen to shame!

    Emma Rose

  21. What a beautiful backpack! Looks like you got to have a lot of fun at school. We would love to go and visit little 2 leggeds for the day.

    Thanks for linking up with the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  22. Bunny, we're pretty sure you'd be "head of the class" and "teacher's pet" if you went to school everyday! We'd wait for some greyhound books though if we were you.....;-)
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  23. WoW Bunny!! If's we's went to your skool.. we's woood totally want to be's yous furriend!! You are totally Kool and we'd be sitting at yous lunch table for sure!!!!

    Pug Hugs!!!!
    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  24. Bunny, you are always dressed so nicely! It looks like you had a lot of fun at school. I bet all the kids love having you around!

  25. I LOVE your backpack!! Almost as much as those tiny two-leggers love you!


  26. Bunny!
    Sure it was a pawesome day for you!
    Going to work with your Mom and meet the kids there!
    I like your backpack too!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Hi Bunny, we don't know why but we are having trouble getting our message to post today so paws crossed!
    We think you are adorable in your backpack and can see why the children love you.
    You are such a lovely gentle doggie. We laughed at the Thundering Herd's comment as all we get from kids that age is - sausage dogs!!!!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  28. Wow, Bunny! You were a hit wif the children! I'll bet it's a lot of fun to go to school wif your the Mom! And then PetsMart wif your the Dad???

    You are a Very Special Girl!!! No wonder you needed a nap! :>)

    wif love from the Luke

  29. Maybe you should get your mom to buy a Greyhound book so the kids can read it to you....I agree, it's not fair to only have one about Shepherds!

  30. Aww, I'm sure that the kids LOVED meeting Bunny. Hey, I gave you an award - I love reading your blog.

  31. Okays, so I ded laughing reading da comment bout da Lilac having Alien handcuffed to da fan...BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!


  32. You make a fashion statement everywhere you go. Lorenza may have some competition! :)

  33. Woof woof! :) U are an awesome dog. I loves the school pikshers. :)

  34. The backpack looks very good on you. I don't suppose there is a key in there?

  35. Miss Bunny, your expressions say it all! I totally see that "miffed" look about the book with the German Shepherd on it. I don't blame you. However, it looks like you received a lot of attention from the children, AND they read stories to you! You can bet they talked about you to their parents and siblings and not about some book with a German Shepherd on it.

  36. What fun that you got to go to school with mom - that litle girl biped sure is a cutie.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  37. I love the part about trying to listen to four stories at one time! And, I knew that you didn't carry poop in your backpack - you're way too dignified for that!


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