Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She's All Girl

One thing I've noticed that we get mistakes about a lot both in real life and here online is that people mistake Morgan for a male.  She would like it to be known that she is a girl, and that she's all girl.  In a quest to learn more about this, I did some research online in an effort to educate myself so that I can explain it better when I'm asked about it.

Male German Shepherds are bigger and more masculine-looking than their female counterparts.  They generally are more territorial of their location and are larger and bulkier then the females.  Female Shepherds are smaller and more feminine in appearance.  This is often to their advantage when they work.  Females also have a much stronger "pack" instinct and are more protective of their family than males. 

(I don't know who this dog is, but his picture came up on a Goggle search.)

I suppose it doesn't help Morgan's case that Mr. Taleteller is vehemently opposed to his girl wearing anything that looks girly.  She has a really nice black leather collar, and there's talk of ordering her a backpack, but I have been informed that it will NOT be pink.  So, I'm left a little at a loss as to what to do to make it more obvious that she's a girl.  Mr. Taleteller has decided he likes the color red for her backpack.  I wonder if it would be wrong to paint her toenails Fire Hydrant Red.

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  1. Are there many GSDs around where you live? Maybe they have never seen a big masculine male GSD?

    And if she is standing next to Bunny, well, dainty little Bunny would make anyone look more masculine than they really are.

  2. I vote Morgan pikhks out what SHE wants ;-)


  3. Murphy is constantly mistaken for a girl. As long as the comment is paired with a "so beautiful" or "what an amazing dog" and some petting he doesn't seem particularly put off by the gender mixup.

    Maybe Morgan can use this to her advantage!


  4. Morgan a boy? I don't see how people (must be people, not us dogs) can confuse a pretty thing like Morgan for a male. Sarah once had a male German Shepherd, so she knows about these wonderful pals.

  5. Well, Morgan has always looked like a girl to me!
    It is the same with any other dog. Males are usually bigger, and their coat is usually more stunning (esp. in shelties).
    Maybe Morgan can have a pink collar if Bunny will allow it?

  6. Of course part of the problem is that Morgan is often in the company of greyhounds. I bet that male greyhounds have the opposite problem all the time. Believe it or not I'm mistaken for a boy a lot. Ridiculous, isn't it? Plus men are so silly. You know what the deal is there, right? Mr. Taleteller thinks that if he lets Morgan look girly then he'll look like a girly-man when he goes places with her. Human males are almost all worried about that stuff even if they seem not to be the type. As a matter of fact, we know a male same gender couple who are quite open about themselves, but are are vey LL Bean and not remotely draggy. Their poor female Yorkie, who has a gender neutral name, is often mistaken for a boy because they won't even get her a slightly girly collar or leash. If they're worried about it, the more traditional male is worried no matter what he claims.

    Lotsa licks, Lola

  7. We understand Mr Taleteller's viewpoint - seems to be a male thing. Our Dad hates pink! Bailey, nevertheless has a pink collar, people still think she is male!!!!
    Morgan looks very much a girl to us but then our humans had a GSD called Petra - you are right they are so much more femine than the males.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  8. Poor Morgan. My Raja had the same issues. People always thought she was a boy just because she was so big. Can't Morgan have a little bling? Please?


  9. Qannik has the same problem in reverse, always trying to prove his maleness. Sadly for him, he has the world's fuzziest stomach, so even a glance does not dispel the thoughts. Poor boy.

  10. Morgan with that sweet look IS ALL Girl....go Morgan!


  11. Morgan u is a beauuutiful girl! Don't listen to ppl thinking ur a boy M x x

  12. We never would have mistaken Morgan for a girl - she is just so beautiful. If Mr. Taleteller is opposed to pink, maybe some other color that is a little more feminine - a light green perhaps?

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  13. Bunny,

    Please tell Morgan I know just what she is going through. I am mistaken for a boy ALL the time. I can't understand it cuz it's not like I has long furs to cover anything up, if you know what I mean. My dad doesn't want me in any girly colors either and mom and me know that it is for the same reason that Lola mentioned....silly dads.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. She certainly looks all girl to me.
    What about purple acessories?

  15. Go for the red toenails!!! She looks very feminine to me as well.

  16. How about a few charms to go on her black collar, a girl just have to have *some* bling. ;)

  17. First three GSDs were male - last two have been female (had them since 1980). My males were more 'up' - more 'ready to go at it' - more 'what is THAT'. My girls are more in tune with me and not the environment around them, not that they aren't astute and interested, just more in tune with me. Yes, the girls have a more feminine face. If you are a GSD person you can see it immediately and can tell a male from a female just by looking into their eyes. There's a softness and a girlie quality that shines through. Both of my girls have been rather large (not fat) - one at 90# and another at 93#. My males have all been at or a little over 100#. What is the common thread? It is the feeling that you get - after a while - that the dog at your side - the one that looks up at you when you are walking - the one who lifts its head to see what you are doing or where you are going when you are together - the one who barks at a noise and then turns around to find you - the feeling that you know right down to the soles of your shoes that the dog you are looking at would die for you without a second thought to any fear for itself. The bond between a GSD and the people that it loves is unlike anything on earth. I know I got sappy, but I cannot speak about this breed without the sappy talk and a lump in my throat. After a while, you will know what I mean and you'll feel the same lump.

  18. Oh, please tell Morgan that this happens to me ALL the time! Peoples always think I'm a boy until they gets to know me and then they find out that my pawsonality is all girl! Mom bought me a pretty girlie collar and sometimes she puts a pretty bandana on me. Do you thinks Mr. Taleteller would be opposed to a feminine bandana?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. We thinks Morgan is a BEAUTIFUL young lady....butts understand your concern.

    We thinks she would look pawsome with da red toenails! heehee....and of course, Mr. Taleteller could have no objection to THAT! heehee.

    Maybes Morgan should have a feminine middle name thats you could mention to peoples....maybes
    Morgan Marie
    Morgan Sue
    Morgan Annaliesel (okays maybe too long)
    Morgan Renee get the idea :-)


  20. or
    Morgan Minna Krebs.....



  21. Oh that Minna Krebs.. the girrrl has been reading toooo much Puddles. hehehe
    I'm thinkin' maybe a collar and walkin' string in the color Mr. T. Likes... butt... with DIAMONDS.

  22. Now that we have a boy & a girl side by side, I can definitely tell the difference. McIver has a blockier head and is a bit more clumsy than Nikki. Both of ours are black like the google pic. Nikki has a red collar because Lucy has pink. Nikki weighs around 70# and McIver 80 or 85#. Ours are German working lines though which tend to be smaller than American lines, if I recall correctly.

  23. Awww... Morgan looks likes all woman for sures!!
    IzZY sometimes gets mistaken for a boy too's.. hee hee hee.... OUCHIE she just pinched me's...

    she's such a bruiser!! Mommy does paint her nails.. butt for hers, she still Izzy... hee hees
    OCHIE STOP IT IZZY she pinched me's agains...

    Yous fines just 'da ways yous ares!!!!!!


  24. Nail polish would be very funny! Do it! Its not permanent!

  25. And we suppose Mr. Taleteller would also object to some pretty red bows for her gorgeous ears:)

    How about one of those leather collars with some pretty red rhinestones? Or maybe have her name embroidered on her backpack with something like German Shepherd Girls Rock! Or Daddy's Girl Morgan?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  26. Hiya Morgan - well, since we've got to know our GSD pal Lily we know about GSD girls being slighter and more delicate - and very pretty! We also know a GSD male called Rocky and he's like a GIANT next to Lily - we prefer the girls any day, he he he! (Plus Rocky keeps trying to - erm, well - hump us every time he sees us, so we're not really too keen on him if truth be told and this is why we've never put any photos of HIM on our blog as that would not be for family viewing!!)

    You have the delicate nose Miss Morgan that we would only associate with a girl! Mind you, we wouldn't mind seeing you with red nails, he he he!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  27. People always think Kassa is female. I think it is because it looks like he is wearing mascara..
    Oh well last time I checked there was a pretty definitive way to tell the difference ;)

  28. OMD! The furry same thing happens to me all the times! Must be coz we is shepherds and peeples assoom we is bois. I is more a tomboi, no way is I a pink, frilly gurly gurl, but I is still a gurl. Dogonit!

  29. oh, miss morgan, the booker man totally feels your pain!! i get called a girl all the time. sigh. anywho, i think you look like a most pretty girl, but to help out the clueless hoomans, i think some pretty charms on your black leather necklace might work. your daddy would still be a-okay cuz it's not pink-o-rama.
    the booker man

  30. Guess everyone just assumes every GSD is a boy - which when you think about it is highly illogical.

  31. I'm all girl too and frequently am mistaken for a boy. I'm so handsome, I guess it's expected :)

    All vanity aside, I think a girlie tag to hang off Morgan's collar would be cute. Blanket ID just came out with some very pretty in pink ones.

  32. Maybe you can put a patch on her backpack with her name and maybe some girly design.
    She's perfect no matter what!

  33. Just give her a credit card and drop her off at the mall. :p

  34. She's a very pretty girl, indeed!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  35. Morgan - you'll look great in any colour!

    Our 'male' cat is always getting mistaken for a girl - doesn't help that Murray called him 'Tinkerbell' I guess!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  36. She is certainly a beautiful GIRL!


  37. She is beautiful and has a very sweet face.
    I don't know the origin of Morgan name. But I have to admit that when she came to live with you I thought she was a boy... I mean... I thought Morgan was a boy's name.
    Hmmm... red nails?? Sounds pawesome but... I don't think Mr. Talleteller would like that!
    Kisses and hugs

  38. I agree with Booker. Add a cute heart charm! Sometimes a short hair cut works too! (Girls like to be less hairy than guys!) :)

  39. Perhaps you could discreetly tuck a ticket stub from "Sex and the City" underneath her collar? That should convey the message.

  40. "I wonder if it would be wrong to paint her toenails Fire Hydrant Red." Hahaha! DO IT!! LOL!

    She looks pretty feminine to me, though. How to make her gender more obvious? Well, personally I'd go with the girly collar, but if Mr T doesn't like that, get one of those leads that say 'One of us is a bitch' for him to use when he walks her. I've heard they work wonders in the hands of a large man. ;)

  41. She looks just like a lovely lady too me! I can tell by just looking at her face shes a pretty girl!! Growing when I was very young we had a very lovable and very handsome white german shepherd named Tomita, he was a wonderful boy and always so gentle with my sis and I. I still have happy memories of me running around in the back yard with my hello kitty plastic toy and him chasing me for it. Those are very happy memories. :)

  42. NOOOO... It would most certainly NOT be wrong to paint her toenails!

    but i still think she looks like a GIRL to me! she's BEAUTIFUL! duh. stooooopid people and their stooopid questions.

    btw: a friend of mine in CA has GSD GIRL named MORGAN! swear to dogs.


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