Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Walking Down The Bunny Trail

I may have mentioned a few times here that Morgan is very keen on rabbits at the moment.  Bunny and Blueberry both can be, but often, they can just ignore them, as well.  Most nights that we walk are uneventful and it gets easy to forget that the little fur-suited devils are always lurking out there.

The other night, we had a nice walk and were on our way home.  Already, you are expecting a rabbit to leap out at us, I know.  That wasn't exactly what happened, however.  As we approached the last corner away from our house, I saw him.  A big, fat rabbit sat at the corner of the yard, nose twitching and ears flipping backwards.  He froze as he saw me approaching with Bunny and Blueberry, no doubt wetting his little rabbit knickers as her realized he'd been snuck up on.  I slowed down, hoping to distract the girls and keep them from noticing, since I was sure he'd take flight and head away from us.  My husband laughed and joked "Rabbit!" 

I told him there was a rabbit, just up ahead.  However, he didn't see the rabbit lurking there, which was most unfortunate, because by this point, the Greyhounds definitely knew their next snack was waiting just a few yards out of reach.  Morgan looked at Bunny and saw that her ears were pointing "He's thataway!" and turned her head to look.  If only Mr. Taleteller had seen it first.  If only he'd believed me when I warned him that danger lurked just around the shrubbery.  If only the rabbit had run when he first saw Bunny and Blueberry coming up the Cotton Trail. 

Instead, the rabbit took one look at Morgan and her big teeth and made one of those cartoon faces where his eyes telescoped out of his head for a moment before he finally turned his fluffy little tail and ran.  Morgan had her eyes on the prize.  Actually, all three of the dogs did.  Bunny was dancing at the end of her leash while Blueberry actually licked her chops and stared.  Morgan was the one to break and make a lunge, though, and Mr. Taleteller was caught completely unaware.  I'm amazed that he and Morgan didn't both go rolling down the little hill at the corner as they wrestled and battled wits about what was going to happen next.  Morgan's logic was that the rabbit was begging to be the bedtime snack while Mr. Taleteller felt that eating rabbit so late at night would lead to bad dreams and worse gas. 

In the end, the rabbit disappeared into some tall shadowy shrubs at the back of the property and we finally convinced the girls to head home for some treats from the dog bakery.  However, the dogs never forget a rabbit sighting.  Every night since then when we've passed that house, they're on high alert.  I don't think the rabbit is going to be so lucky next time.  It's possible that Mr. Taleteller or Morgan won't be either!

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  1. Silly rabbits! There's a reason they are the bottom of the food chain.

  2. Such drama! Rabbit sightings are always EXCITING!

  3. Lucky that rabbit escaped it's dreadful fate.
    I doubt it'd be that lucky next time!

  4. We saw one of the little furry tailed hoppers on our Monday evening walk -

    It was sitting in the middle of the street taunting me -

    Oh well, next time!


  5. Bet Morgan can go from zero to a hundred in half a second flat when she sees a rabbit.

  6. I kept reading your post and expecting at any minute to hear that you or your hubby were left nursing grazed knees as you'd been pulled over. I am not a weakling but I reckon my Song could pull me over, if she caught me off guard.

    Bet that bunny weas telling his mates how he just survived by the skin of his teeth:)

  7. Rabbit sighting always get me excited too... so does cat sighting. I wonder what would we do if we really caught one, hmmm.

    Licks, hero

  8. We are fed up with rabbits here! We wonder if Mr Taleteller's arm is constantly being wrenched from it's socket!
    We can so relate to this story but are relieved the rabbit survived!!!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  9. You have been awarded on my blog, at I hope you love it!

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  10. You better be careful. Our Granny caught a rabbit and look what it did to her!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  11. Bunny, don't tell Morgan, but we are actually fostering a domestic rabbit. She was a school rabbit who was abandoned. She is very sweet and loves salad. I have not been allowed to get to close to her - not because I would ever hurt her, but because she is afraid of me! Imagine someone being afraid of me!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. That rabbit better watch his back. He doesn't know who he is dealing with.


  13. I would be very careful if I wuz dat rabbit...

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  14. I actually give my dehydrated rabbit ears :) They are pretty disgusting to me but the dogs love them - they still have fur on them and everything! Mine have only seen and tasted field rabbits errr bunnies here in Texas. Its cats that get mine going.

    I think im going to go give them some bunny ears now :)

  15. I've been trying to catch up with everything you've all been up to for the last few days. It does sound like your crew is keeping you busy and and alert. Or at least Mr. Taleteller will be more alert in the future, in order to avoid injury. You and Mr. Taleteller are very good sports, what with the bunny chasing and the damp bedding and all. You will never sit around being all bored, that's for sure.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  16. ewww...rabbit ears. Hmmm. maybe I need to rethink that...since cow parts are yummy!
    Morgan, let me know how they taste when you catch the neighbor bunny!

    Minnie and Mack

  17. Now see here is the thingy... Baby Bunnies are for loving and being careful with.. BIG bunnies are for... CHASING!!! Oh yes, and for leaving delicious poops treats for us to eat. I LOVE rabbits. Hate squirrels though.
    I think you girrrls did a super job of TRYING to chase the rabbit. Congratulations.

  18. Rabbits are the one things I always chase after too!

    I can totally understand ...

    take care

  19. Isn't it amazing how men are so unaware!
    When we walk the dogs, my hubby has Leroy and I have Sherman. I am always on the look out for things that could pose a problem, I can spot a groundhog from a mile away! But hubby is just in la la land! I am just waiting for the day that Leroy takes him for a ride:)

  20. Oh my, what a story! In the case of Labs, they eventually mature and learn that they aren't ever going to catch a rabbit. But, we still have R, who sounds a lot like Morgan. I've been tempted to just let go of the leash so I don't get hurt by his insanity when he spots a rabbit (of course, where we live, that would be safe for everyone but the rabbit).

    This is the rabbit-hunters-delight time of year - so many baby innocent bunnies around as potential snacks...

  21. We left yall an award on our blog if you want it :)

  22. Heh.. I feel for Mr. Taleteller. I had a guy at the tennis court throw Kassa a tennis ball the other day. He totally over threw us and Kassa near tore my arm off.

  23. We have baby bunnies at our place and I have been locked out of part of my kingdom just to protect them! My sympathies lie with Morgan and Bunny. Rabbits are for chasing!!! Oh yeah, and catching :)

    Emma Rose

  24. Whew, we can't expecting a not so happy ending:) We do that too, once we see one, we are absolutely certain he will be there every time we go by again.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  25. Daaaaang....
    Mr TT still didn't go BAAAAAAM...shucks, I just keep waiting fur dat day to happen...nope, ain't got no idea why eithers.
    Well, I likes me some rabiit, mice, squirrels, and ground hogs. As a matter of fact, we still goes to da same place we found our ground hog. He don't come back no mores.
    Silly rabbit...tricks are fur kids...not greyhounds and german sheps.


  26. We are so furry happy that the little bunny made it to safety. Our momma would have bawled her eyes out if something would have happened to it! She's like that, ya know...

  27. It sounds almost like a horror movie, when you don't know when the rabbit is going to pop out and start a ruckus. Mr. B has that problem with cats, and unfortunately there is a huge feral cat population on our block.

  28. Hey Bunny! See if you can watch my movie by directly going to Youtube
    Some other dogs have had problems. I wonder if it is my new layout.


  29. Perhaps yous can lure him ins wits some Trix cereal..SNORTS!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  30. RABBIT! i think you are time that rabbit isn't gonna be so lucky!
    the booker man

  31. Rabbits can make for some very entertaining adventures! But Mom & Dad won't let us chase them either. Morgan's got a good nose. Maybe she could be trained to do search & rescue for rabbits! BOL!
    BTW - Mom loves the Doors, too!
    The Road Dogs

  32. Ask the Mr. if he can reach one shelf higher with that stretched arm the next time you're in the grocery store. ;)

  33. I think the rabbit was playing chicken with Morgan. It's a rite of passage young rabbits go through.

  34. Oh, those bunny rabbits! I have a feeling that the Mr. is going to forget about the pull of the rabbit, but Morgan won't... I feel sorry for him already :)


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