Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Bump On The Head

I was hoping that today's post was going to be about how Blueberry had a little bump on her head and I fretted and worried and went to the vet and found out that I am a hopeless worrywart when it comes to my dogs.  Well, that's not news because I am.  I've had a weird little itchy spot on my elbow for two months now that I haven't had looked at, but when something comes up with one of the dogs, we go right in.

If you follow us on Facebook, you may already know some of what's going on.  Wednesday morning, Blueberry was fine.  At lunch, Mr. Taleteller was home and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary with Blueberry or any of the other dogs.  When I got home and took them out in the afternoon, it looked like she had a mosquito bite on the top of her head.  I pressed it and looked at it carefully and she didn't flinch or act like it hurt.  I couldn't see any marks where she might have scraped it or bumped it on something, and her fur wasn't messed up at all.  Thursday I thought it seemed larger, and it was hard.  I decided she needed to go in to see the vet so we could dismiss it as a fatty lump and be done with it.

Yesterday morning, she went in to the vet.  I knew when the vet did the needle aspiration that I wasn't going to hear that I'd been worrying over nothing.  It wasn't fluid that came out, it was blood.  After looking at the cells they removed from the lump, the vet said that the cells looked suspicious.  It wasn't the news I wanted to hear, but I guess that's how it goes for all of us at times.  Blood was drawn to do pre-surgery bloodwork and we decided to have the lump removed this coming Wednesday, since Mr. Taleteller and I will both be off work Thursday with her.  She'll also get her teeth cleaned while she's off in dreamland.  Mr. Taleteller most likely will be able to take Friday off to stay home and be at her beck and call, too.  We will have the lump biopsied and hopefully find out more about it after the surgery.

Of course, after our vet visit was over, we had a stop at the dog bakery.  In true Blue fashion, she charmed the customers in the store, acting as if nothing is wrong. She picked out some Texas toothpicks to soothe the sting of the needle pokes and we went home where she took a long rest.  In some ways, it seemed not to bother her at all, but after it was all over, she seemed really exhausted and drained.  Of course, I was, too, so maybe it wasn't any bigger of a deal to her than it ever is.  She did give me plenty of stinkeye to let me know she didn't appreciate me forgetting to bring the travel bed along for her to rest on while we were waiting.  I'll be sure to rectify that situation on future visits!

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't very worried about all this.  I also apologize, because I realize that this post isn't particularly uplifting or humorous.  We will try to address this with our usual humor as we go through the process, but I did want to be forthright about what we are facing and what we are dealing with.  I'll just hope that Blueberry doesn't get the idea through all this that we're going to be catering to her every whim after it's all over.  I know that we will be as she recovers, though!   She's been the easygoing girl through so many things, rarely demanding much attention from us, but she certainly has our full attention right now.  Bunny will keep updating the blog with her adventures that were already planned for the weekend and when we know more about what's happening with Blueberry, we will update about that, too.  There will also be a lot more time set aside at our house for Blueberry time for the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Sadly, these are fakhts of life fur us -

    BUT paws khrossed it isn't anything out of the norm -

    We are here khrossing fur ALL of WOO!


  2. What a strange place to get a lump! Like she is secretly a unicorn and her single horn is trying to grow out of her skull! I hope that it's nothing!

  3. Don't apologize, we are here for the funny uplifting times as well as the times of concern and worry. We pray all will come out fine.

  4. Miss Blueberry, it is the momma from Greyhound Gardens here.

    Lumps are always such a scary time and please assure your momma that we have two huge binders at the vets, just because I worry way too much.

    We have seen tons and tons of lumps around here, but yours is totally unique.

    Please keep us posted, know that we're pulling for you out here in Oregon.

    While your momma is catering to you, whisper in Bunny's ear that it is her job to take care of the momma.

  5. We are worrying with you. I guess one of the many good things about Greyhounds (in a weird sort of way!) is that things like this are discovered sooner rather than later as they're so obvious. Although I think a lump like Blueberry's would probably be obvious on most dogs regardless of coat length and body fat, or lack of it. I know Blueberry will enjoy the extra attention and it wouldn't hurt you to get that itch looked at once this is all over! Take care

  6. Poor girl. Hope it's nothing serious.

  7. Poor Blueberry. Song and I hope all goes well with the surgery and that it all checks out as nothing nasty.

    Sending you all big hugs.

  8. I've been a little out of the loop with a nasty cold, but just caught up. I'll be thinking of you all this week, and hope that all goes well. Hugs and scritches to Blueberry. Hang in there!!

  9. There will be some very special thoughts winging Blueberry's way from this side of the Atlantic. Please let us know as soon as you hear anything.

  10. No apologies necessary - we're all here because we are dog lovers, so that means sharing the ups and downs. And, we all understand.

    Smooches to Miss Blueberry. =)

  11. Listen. It is important to post about our aches and pains and weird bumps because it helps other doggies and sometimes we hear helpful stuff. My momma takes us to the vet for everything too. See? And this time it really is something.

    I sure hope that it pops off and is nothing serious. Good news is that she is not worried about it. Although she might want a tasteful scarf or hat for going out lest the other doggies make fun of her.

    We'll keep her in our thoughts.


  12. Wow, certainly not what we wanted to hear, but that's life. We'll keep Blueberry in our thoughts and hearts. Thanks for letting us know and please keep us posted.

  13. Poor Blueberry, what an odd place to have a lump. Hope nothing is serious and the surgery goes well next week. She'll be in our thoughts, our paws and fingers are crossed too!!!

  14. Oh crap again. We just left KB's post about K and were stunned after waiting all day to hear about the visit to remove the cast. And now this. Having been through two lumps now with Phantom, we so understand your worry and your fear. We will cross our paws for the best results possible for Blueberry.

    Please be sure to keep us updated. We are not on Facebook, but we do want to hear how she and you are doing. We love to come for a laugh, but we are also here to support you no matter what.

    Hugs and Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara and Mom Kathie too

  15. I sure know what you mean about taking care of the dogs before taking care of yourself.
    I am so sorry you and Blueberry have to go through this, I have been there. Try not to let your mind wander, which is much easier to say than do.
    We will pray for the best possible results for Blueberry.

  16. Don't apologize for your post - it's just all a part of life that we face everyday. We all have our paws crossed and sending good thoughts and prayers for all of you.
    Team Beaglebratz

  17. I knows eggsactly wot you is going thru. Furry same thing happened with my Dixie in the spring. Lump like that just popped up rite by her ear and they sayed the cells looked suspishuss. The V-E-T did a Basal Cell Danse (rilly) coz if'n it be the Big C that be the kind you want it to be. The biopsy commed back as basal cell, we catched it so early we gotted it all, and Dixie woz cured! So, rememmer, you catched it the minit it happened and that is furry good. Has your V-E-T do the Basal Cell Danse, and all be well. We all be doing the dansing offur here fur Blueberry.

  18. Very sorry to read about this but keep positive thoughts. Our thoughts and prayers are with Blueberry and your family.

  19. I have my paws crossed that this will be some silly little nothing. We do like to do thingys like that... to keep our peeps on their toes.
    I am also sending you some super strong VIBES to get you through this. Here they come right now >>>>>>>>>>>>. Please keep us informed. We will all be worried until we know that Blueberry is back to her normal beautiful self.

  20. Our greyhound developed several vascular lumps on her legs. Our first vet removed one and assured me it was nothing. Our new vet removed the second one and sent it in. Many dollars later, it turned out to be nothing. I can't even remember what it's called, but it's not uncommon for dogs to develop these, and they usually just resolve on their own in a few months. The lumps can bleed - a lot - if bumped. Messy and unnecessarily worrisome. Hopefully Blueberry's will turn out to be "nothing" as well. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers...

  21. Paws crossed for good test results and/or good clean surgery. As The Herd has been aging, we seem to be having more and more bumps tested just to be sure. The hu-dad totally qualifies as a worry wart when it comes to those things.

  22. Mayzie's mom here. Please don't apologize. I know for sure I wouldn't be very funny if something like this happened with one of mine. They're part of the family and it's just plain scary when something unexpected comes up. Thank you for sharing what's going on with us. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and we're hoping for good news come Thursday.

    Lots of hugs (and brindle bully wishes),

  23. I have my paws crossed for you, Blueberry, and I told my kitties and Toby to do the same! We are all hoping for the best and will keep those paws crossed for as long as it takes!!

  24. Sending prayers your way!

    Emma Rose

  25. Oh crap crap crap...dis don't makes da Puddles happy! But, I sooooo glads you shared what be's going on withs Blue qand you know without a doubt we is ALL heres fur her and ya whole family. I has some very powerful doxie vibes ya knows...they is almighty. I send them vibes out to ya'll pronto!
    Now, you don't worry bouts not being funny or humerous right nows...cuz, well dis ain't too funny.
    If you needs a good chuckle then gives da word and I'll haves your fix.
    Hugs to ya'll and to Blue.


  26. Oh, I am sorry to hear about Blueberry. Puddles is right don't worry about being funny just take care good care of Blueberry (we know you will!). Our paws are crossed! Please keep us posted!

    Your pal, Pip

  27. Not everything in life is fun or uplifting - it can't be! We all go through these tough and worrying times, but try not to worry too much! I'll be thinking of the lovely Blueberry, bless her, and once the lump is gone, she'll be her former beautiful self! Not that she isn't still beautiful, but stroking that lovely head will be so much nicer without that pea in her skin! ;)

  28. Oh,goodness! That is a strange looking lump. We have our paws crossed here and you are all in our thoughts. We hope it turns out to be nothing at all.

  29. Humor can certainly wait until Blueberry's health is sorted out....paws crossed!

  30. Our paws are crossed and sending lots of pawsitive vibes to Blueberry! And you!! Praying it turns out to be a lumpy nothing!


  31. I absolutely enjoy reading your blog and I'm so sorry to hear that Blueberry had to go to the vet! Sir ByeRun Bloo and I are praying for you! Good luck! Please keep us posted...

  32. I really hope next wk brings great news for everyone!

  33. Oh no!!!!!!! Poor Blueberry!!!
    This is most disturbing news!!! And how bizzare that da bump showed up so fast!?!?!?!

    We DEFINITELY having our paws crossed and double crossed for lovely Miss Blueberry and hoping that this turn out to be one of those "nothings"

    MinnaK and My Momma Cheryl

  34. Hey Blueberry and Bunny!
    I'm sure this will turn out fine. Sending lots of warm wishes and good healthy vibes. Take care of each other, and keep us posted.
    Grr and a Concerned Woof,

  35. Real life isn't always happy & upbeat & your blogging friend want to know when we can send pawsitive energies your way!

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,

  36. Oh my. i'm so bummed to hear this! it's amazing how fast the bump appeared, out of nowhere! shocking.

    we'll keep our paws crossed and will send plenty of wagging vibes to your Blueberry for good health.

  37. I saw your comment on my blog and had to come find out what was going on even though I have no heart for blogging today.

    I'm really glad that you took Blueberry in so fast and that the bump will be removed quickly. Although I wish that all of this weren't happening to you, it sounds as if you've done all the right things.

    Pamper your girl. We'll be thinking of you as we navigate a similar, yet different, course.

    And, please don't apologize for telling us the real deal. Real life isn't always funny, and we all understand that.

  38. Blueberry will be in our thoughts!

  39. We hope that all will be ok with Blueberry. We have our paws crossed for you.

    We are here for you through happy and worrysome moments.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  40. You have no need to apologize, we are all behind you paws crossed and sending positive vibes, it is onlt natural that it will make you feel ill, write it down talk about it, its all helps. Keep us updated we need to know.
    Jan and George xxx

  41. Well wishes to you Blueberry! And to your worry wart mom. Mine is the same!

  42. We are so sorry to read about Blueberry's lump - we'll keep our paws and fingers crossed that the news turns out to be good but we know all about worrying. It's not easy to have to wait and worry ...

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  43. Oh, no! Please keep us updated. We love your humor but more importantly we love you and the girls! So don't worry about being funny. Alien and I just want everyone to be ok.


  44. And make sure you put the gnome outside! At least until they are out from under Freddy's control. :)

  45. Some things are just not funny, so don't worry about not being "uplifting".

    Trixie, Minnie and I are sending the Power of the Paw and feel in our hearts that whatever it is, it isn't bad. We hope we are right.

  46. We understand your worry. Please keep up posted, and we will keep our paws crossed.


  47. Best wishes for Blueberry! Sending healthy puppy vibes your way.

  48. Well, there's no question that there's something to worry about, even though things could certainly end up just fine. So, we'll worry with you, while keeping good thoughts and sending our best vibes along for a quick healing and excellent prognosis.

    love from Lola, Franklin and the family

  49. I am behind in blog reading - and way behind on your blog since you post so often! I just wanted to say that we are sending good thoughts your way and hope to hear good news about Blue soon! I am a worry wort over any little thing that happens to our kids too, so I can imagine your nervousness!

  50. there is no need to apologize as you have every right to be concerned about blueberry! you've got a whole entourage of bloggers praying and sending good thoughts your way. please give miss blue a big cuddle for me.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  51. Of course we understand you are worried!
    But we have faith everything is going to be ok!
    And we are praying for that!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs
    Lorenza and mom

  52. I'd be worried too...and you described exactly how us pet parents are when it comes to anything medical. Forget about us, but run to the vet! Hope everything turns out fine, and all will be back to normal soon!

  53. Our paws are crossed for Blueberry and tons of AireZen is headed her way.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  54. We are sending healing vibes to Blueberry across the oceans... thinking of you, my furiends.

    Licks, hero

  55. Dear Miss Blueberry,
    I had a lump on my head, too. My mom called me a knot head. It looked just like yours. Anyway, we had it removed and it was nothing. Hoping yours is the same.


  56. Oh we are so sorry to hear about BlueBerry~
    Our thoughts and prawrayers are with all of you~

    And please don't worry about your usual funny bunny antics and what not... silly silly... we will tell a joke to lighten 'da mood for you k?

    Now tell Blueberry just 'cuz her name blueberry doesn't mean she has to go and start growing little blueberry's on her little head!!
    Okay.. so maybe 'da Elgins humor watered down today... blame Puddles verson of Sunday kool aid..
    Now... we's not on 'da face book so yous make sure to keep us pupdated here .K?
    We's be sending our love~

    Now, we hear that yous be in our neck of 'da woods today!!!!!!!!
    Where yous be??????

    You all enjoy your day and kisses to Blueberry!!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  57. Sending good vibes to Blueberry and all of you! Keep us posted - we're not doing the Facebook thingy either. PeeS - It's human to worry a lot :)

    The Road Dogs

  58. Exactly why we had lipomas taken off of Nigel recently - they biopsied fine but make me nervous anyway. You know this house is pulling for good news.

  59. Kaiser have one like yours in the neck.
    Mom was very worried too.
    But it´s nothing bad, thank God!

    Think positive!!

  60. Our thoughts and good wishes go to Blue. I know how special she is to you and Mister. *hugs*

  61. We are pulling for you Blueberry.

  62. So sorry to hear about Blueberry. We are worry warts too and our vet is used to seeing us. It sounds like you wise to make the visit. We'll be thinking of you!

  63. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about Blueberry's lump! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the vet visit goes well and that you get good news.

    And I say spoil away! You can always do damage control later. :)

  64. Our paws are crossed here for Blueberry and hope everything turns out well and she'll be pampered and waited on for a good long time. Take care of yourself too and you do have every right to be concerned.

    Send our love to Blue.

    woofs & licks,
    Dommy & Piper

  65. We are holding Blueberry tight and close to our hearts in PURRayer. Momma said that she will be lighting a candle for her surgery. May she be surrounded by angels and held close with their feathered wings.

  66. Paws crossed Blueberry just has a cyst or benign growth. Cysts do bleed, we know for a fact. We'll be keeping Blueberry in our thoughts & prayers.

    Jed & Abby

  67. I'm so sorry you're going through this scare. I sure hope it's nothing. We'll be thinking of you on Wednesday and hoping for the best possible news.

  68. I am so sorry to hear about Blueberry, I have been away from Blog land most of the week due to surgery and just read about this. Sweet Blueberry - I will keep our paws crossed and yall in our prayers.

  69. Blueberry, we are sorry to hear about your bump on the head. We are sending the power of the paw for a speedy recovery. Scary things when them bumps just appear for no reason. Cleo had one a year ago that appeared one morning. Our mom is like you, off to the vet immediately. Cleo's was not serious just a bee sting but she looked like she had been a boxing match with someone. Your Moms did good with taking you in so quickly. The HoundDogs

  70. Blueberry, I hope your bump is just a big zit and nothing to worry about!

  71. All paws and fingers crossed here! Smooches to you Blueberry.

  72. Hope everything turns out ok! We're thinking of you.


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