Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An Honorary German Shepherd

Bunny here at the keyboard again, writing about a very exciting adventure we had on Sunday.

Mom and Dad surprised us and got up early Sunday morning, saying we were going on another hike.  This time, they told Blueberry she had to stay home, and after the whole hike, I have to say that it was for the best.  It was a very long hike with a lot of hills, creeks and bridges.  We also met a group of other dogs, mostly other German Shepherds.  There was also a Golden Retriever, two smaller mixed breeds and a Siberian puppy.  At the beginning of the hike, everyone was in love with Gunner, but by the end, he was a little mudball.  I have a feeling Rusty from The Thundering Herd might have looked a bit like Gunner when he was little. 

Morgan and I were the only ones there on leash, but I didn't mind.  I'm not sure how Morgan felt about it, but I am used to staying with Mom and we both agreed that it was safer for me that way.  Morgan has not earned off leash privileges and Mom says that it will be a long time before she ever does.

Our hike was at Black Partridge Park, which is pretty near where we live.  We hiked for over three hours, so it was a pretty long hike.  Even though all the leaves were off the trees, it was very pretty and fun.

Along the trail, we ran into several creeks.  A lot of dogs stopped for a water break, but we stayed out of the water because it was rather brisk.  One of the girls on the hike kept asking if we were almost done.  I am pleased to report that I had a spring in my step the whole way until we got to that last hill coming back to the parking lot.

One thing you have to watch out on when you're on the trails there is mountain bikers.  We all had to get together and get off the trail when we heard them coming.  Two of them stopped and warned us that they'd seen a guy with a gun on one of the trails.  Hunting isn't allowed there, but we saw a deer stand set up in the park and heard a lot of gun shots.  We're not sure if those came from inside the park or the farmland that's around the park.  We did see several deer.  I am proud to report that none of us dogs gave chase to any of them.  We like to have fun, but we're not crazy!

About halfway through our hike, it started to drizzle rain.  I was glad I had my jacket on then.  Mom had taken hers off, but she put it back on to try to stay dry.  The bridges got really slippery, too, but I never lost my footing, like a few other dogs.  Mom said I was fleet-footed.  I was proud that I maintained my dignity through the entire hike.

On the last stretch up the hill, Dad almost got a rude surprise.  A squirrel jumped out of a tree and almost got his head.  It landed in the leaves and took off running.  Morgan and I offered to teach him a lesson, but Mom and Dad said it wasn't necessary.  Another one of the dogs, Shiva, chased after it, but she came back to the trailhead empty-mouthed.

We had so much fun this time on our hike.  I really hope we get to go back.  Mom says she hopes to be a little more prepared, too.  Next time, Morgan and I will even have our own bells!  Oh, and one more thing -- please visit our friend Frankie Furter today.  He's set up an auction to help raise green papers for Blueberry's surgery, and the things that are going to be in the auction are SO nice!

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous hike Bunny.

  2. Oh Wow what fun and great pho-toes!!!!!!!!

    Our little Pug legs could have kept up (insert laughter)

    Lots of cool new furiends too we see!!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  3. i'm wondering if that puppy sibe will forever keep his off leash priveleges! Most sibes can't! Juno of course does within very safe areas (no cars). But there was a time when she couldn't be trusted. and even now...she's not perfect. that little sibe is so cute.

    i'm shocked Morgan has a little trouble... you guys need a bigger skillet! ;) booo wa ha ha ha! (kidding...)

    that looked like so much fun. would freak if i heard guns and hunters out...

  4. What a fun hike you all had.

    Why the bells?

  5. Can't believe how well behaved all those dogs were, loose in the woods. We would have gone cracker dog for sure.

    Jed & Abby

  6. I'm impressed Bunny. I couldn't do a three-hour hike that's for sure. An hour is really the most I can do these days.

    But I've earned my retirement I reckon.

    Love the photos of your new GSD friends.

  7. Well that lookied like a fun outing. Wow a 3 hour hike! That is great:) I bet everyone needed a nap after that:)

  8. What a great time!! That looks like alot of fun :) We would never be able to do a three hour hike like you and Morgan. Such a pretty place for a hike too!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. You and Morgan had a good hike again! How lucky you are! Your mom is right, I think being on leash is the best idea and it is safer too. Glad you did well on the slippery bridge and remained your dignity!!!

  10. Wow Im not sure if I could have lasted 3 hours! :) I love seeing all the gs together - its funny so many large dogs are starting to wear harnesses I see now instead of collars.
    I bet yall are still resting from the big hike.
    We send our love to Miss Blueberry

  11. That looks like a really nice hike. It's great to have an extended pack to trek with.

  12. Lots of dogs means lots of fun! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, despite the rain at the end. I'm glad that you had your jacket and your dignity at the end Bunny! You're an awesome honorary GSD!

    Your photos brought back memories my years living in the east. I had forgotten what the forests look like in the winter.

    Guns where they're not allowed? That's dangerous. I hope that the bikers were polite - it's a pet peeve of mine about my fellow mtn bikers.

  13. Wow! Look at all of Morgan and me's peeps out there! Bunny, of course, anyone as fabulous as yourself is an honorary GSD! Have a great turkey day!!

  14. That looked like so much fun! There used to be a laydee in Valley Forge, PA wot organized hikes like that and there would be a gazillion dogs and lots of waters to get all wet and muddy in. But she dussn't do it any mores. I miss that. And yes, watch those hunters - they duss not always play by the rules. We has run into hunters with guns in no hunting places afore and we knows peeples wot has been shotted at on their own private property!

  15. What a great hike! Glad you had a good time!

  16. You are getting so extremely adventurous. I think I'm going to have to go take a nap just from reading this post!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  17. I am not much into hiking, but looks like you all had fun! I see you and your mom have matching coats, very nice.

    I read Frankie's post - there's nothing I like more than an auction, especially one that helps my friends.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. that was an awesome hike, miss bunny! i love that you and your mama have matchin' pink coats. :) i also hope that the dude with the gun wasn't huntin' where he wasn't supposed to be!

    the booker man

  19. What a blast! We're off to check out Frankies blog.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  20. What beautiful woods!

    We love you, Blueberry!


  21. Wow the hike looks like a blast.
    Gunshots though would be worrisome. Do you ever use orange reflective vests for the dogs so hunters don't get them mixed up with deer?

  22. What a fabulous hike through the woods!! That big group of furiends looks like sooo much fun!!! We need to try to hike someday!! We'll mention it to Moms and Dad!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  23. You were pawt of a HERD. That must have been super fun fur everybuddy. Well, the squirrel, not so much... butt everybuddy else though.

  24. I am donating to Frankie's auction too!

    That hike looked like fun Bunny! Who is your friend in the last picture? So cute!

  25. That looks like a lot of fun. I wonder if local dog groups around here hold hikes like that. I'm pretty sure my dog would have a blast.

    I'm glad those gunshots remained far away. It's a scary time of year to be in the woods, that's for sure.

  26. What a brillant hike!

    We are so impressed with three hours - that was a wonderful day!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  27. hihi! me and asa and mama are back! we've been tryin' to catch up on bloggies cuz we haven't been around much the past week or so. we just wanted to let you know that we are so glad that miss blueberry recovered from her surgery nice 'n quick like! her head is healin' up grrreat! pretty please give her a big huggle from us all, okie dokie? we were checkin' out mr. frankie's auction info earlier, and i sure hope that a lot of green papers are raised for miss blueberry's next surgery!

    the booker man

  28. Looks like a pawesome hike with lots of doggie friends to have fun with!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. What a super terrific hike, Bunny! I liked looking at the pictures of all your new furends. I'm SO glad that evil horrible squirrel didn't get its cooties on your dad! And I can't believes that squirrel was so stoopid as to jump down outta his tree with all those doggies around. I tell ya - squirrels are not the brightest nuts on the branches.

    I hopes you all have a Most Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  30. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay that luks like a grate hike dada sez fall hikes wer always his fayvrit wen he livd in the mithical land of noo york!!! and it shoor is nice of frankie to help owt with blueberrys surdjery that frankie is a gud egg all rite!!! wel he is not an egg he is a dog but yoo no wot i meen!!! ok bye

  31. Hi Bunny! That's was sure nice of thems to let you (a grey hound) be in da pack of GSD doggies. cause if it was doxies den you couldn't have been in it. sorry!

  32. Woo - the hu-dad has been busy this week and is just now catching up on blog reading. That Sibe puppy is totally cute, but bet he loses his off leash privileges at some point. And, sadly, we never saw Rusty as a puppy - just as a puppy acting adult!

    Looks like a terrific hike.


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