Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Have Got To Get One Of Those

Bunny here with a little family update while Mom and Dad are busy fussing over Blueberry.

I am seriously considering getting some surgery on the top of my head.  Blueberry came home with all this great new food to help keep her teeth clean.  Mom and Dad gave all of us a bite of it, but Blueberry gets a whole bowl full!  Thursday morning Blue got to eat hers in a crate while the rest of us stood around it and looked on.  That food is DELICIOUS!  I want to get my own bowl of that stuff every morning.

Wednesday night, she climbed up on the couch in Mom's spot.  We all know that when Mom wants to sit down, you have to move out of her spot.  Did Blueberry have to move?  No siree!  Mom sat in the middle of the couch and hurt her back and let Blue have the spot. 

She also now gets everything she wants based on the sympathy vote.  Dad was eating cheesecake Thursday night and Lilac got in trouble for begging, even though she can't hear anything Dad says when he scolds her.  Blueberry walked over and did that amazingly pretty sit of hers and he handed over a bite of cheesecake.  Not even Morgan got a bite of the cheesecake!  All you need is a row of stitches on your head and you get forbidden cheesecake! 

So, I'm thinking maybe I need to get some stitches, in a place that won't affect all my glamour shots, of course.  If I had stitches, I could have whatever I want whenever I want.  It doesn't sound like a bad deal to me.  Then again, maybe I'll just see if I can get a make up kit on sale after Halloween and see if I can work it that way.  Hopefully that will work!  I'm a little hound with a big plan!

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Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. Bunny, that sounds like a great plan. It is amazing what the parents will do for you if you have a boo-boo!! Band-aids will probably even work or wrapping one of your legs. That will get them crying and gushing over you. You deserve to be queen for a day or two. And believe us, it works!!

  2. Bunny, you're incorrigible! I have to say that you would still look gorgeous even with stitches. As does Blueberry:-)

  3. "All you need is a row of stitches on your head and you get forbidden cheesecake! "

    Hahahahahaha!! That line is so funny! LOL!

    I can see it all. Stink eye included!

  4. Too funny! It is funny how they get so babied after having a medical procedure done. Argos got so spoiled after he tore his dewclaw off and just a week later went in for a dental, that we're having a difficult time making him eat his regular food right now. *sigh*

    What is the mouthwash that you got for Blueberry, if you don't mind sharing? I've been warned that even as greyhounds go, Argos has pretty bad teeth, and want to do all I can to let him keep a few of them into his old age!

  5. We are sure there is a flaw in that acquiring stitches plan, but it hasn't come to us yet. Oh, wait, the surgery part.

  6. Good Idea bunny! If the makeup kit doesn't work, maybe you could try just hopping around on three legs for a while. That might work too!

  7. We don't know who to feel sorrier for: Blueberry for her stitches, or Lilac, Morgan, and Bunny for missing out on all the sympathy treats! Hope everyone feels better! Happy Birthday, Bunny ;-)
    Kelly & Crew
    Big Mac, Molly & Moxie

  8. Oh tells me about it! Life do be so unfair. Dixie had the stitches on the side of her head and same thing happened here. Although when mom is not home, the boy sneaks us all kinds of forbidden stuffs. Mebbe you need to get a boy. Ours mite be up fur grabs.

  9. I don't know about this girrrl. I'm thinkin a nice Pretend LIMP might be better.

  10. Frankie's got a point. Hold your paw up and whimper a little and that might be just enough. The make-up kit has real possibilities, too, of course. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  11. Cheesecake!!!! Now, that really is unfair!!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Stitches for cheesecake?? I'm not sure it's worth it. I agree with Frankie... maybe "limp" a little bit. It worked for us here last week!


    PeeS: Morgan's expression in the first picture is perfect!!

  13. I'd definitely go for the make-up kit. That way you could use the stitches whenever you really needed them!


  14. I bet Nigel could hook you up with some Photoshop stitches, Bunny! Those wouldn't hurt a bit. Be a good girl and help take care of Blue. :)

  15. I have to admit that K is getting the same VIP treatment around here and R is looking on longingly. He's wondering what kind of illness would win him such lavish attention.

    I'm glad that Blue is eating well and healing. We're sending you our best wishes since we understand what you're going through!

    I've thought about the tall sock to keep K's elbow warm but I'm afraid of it wicking melting snow down onto her bandage (getting it wet is a huge no-no)... Maybe if the snow melts away we can do use a sock.

  16. Seems you have been very good Bunny while Blue is getting spite of wanting a treat as well!

  17. Hi Bunny, it's Eva here.

    I think a little 'limp' will do the trick well. My Uncle Mika is a fine example! I'll give you the details in my next post and you'll know how effective it is.

    I don't think stitches worth it. It hurts! Make-up kits? Your mom and dad are clever people, they sure will find it out before you put it on.

    Some hops and limps and a little miserable look!!

  18. Ah poor Blueberry. Someone sounds a little jealous *wink* Trust me you don't want the stitches, be nice to your sister and a bet she throws you a crumb lol

  19. Don't do it Bunny, not worth the pain, believe me. Perhaps you can fake it with some red food coloring and a bandaid...much better route if it works.

    BTW, something about your Pet Blog Hop is off this week. I'm seeing a lot less people on it than on other sites. You might check if you care to and have time.

    Hugs and Scritches.

  20. Skip the last comment about the Blog Hop....I must have been looking at something else. You are alright, so much for my help eh? :)

  21. Aww, poor doggie. I say go with the Halloween kit and get everything you can!

  22. Seems like you have a good plan going there!! I hope you can find some fake stitches (the kind that don't hurt) and then work on the sympathy factor. Works every time!!


  23. Hey Bunny!
    Anything for yummies is worth it. Maybe try fake stitches that glue on or something. No sense getting mangled for a munchie. I like the idea though. Sometimes I grab my own leg in my mouth and carry/hop around with it...that gets me a lot of attention! Hope Blueberry is feeling better.
    Grr and Woof,

  24. Glad that Blueberry had an appetite! Happy Saturday!

  25. Poor Bunny, sibling rivalry is hard. But hopefully Blueberry will be feeling better soon and will get kicked out of that spot like every body else!

  26. Forbidden cheesecake....why does that sound so irresistible?


  27. Thank you Bunny for keeping us in stitches!

  28. Bunny dear, EVERYONE feels your pain here.

    It isn't fair at all when someone gets to be the favorite dog for a day.

    Pouting works wonders at our house and then you don't have to go through the mess and fuss of having surgery.

  29. Bunny, a bite of cheesecake is not worth a bunch of needle pokes. Ouch!!! Tell your parents to brush your teeth everyday so you don't need weird dental dog food. :-P

  30. But, Bunny...didn't you hear that Blueberry had to gets a B.A.T.H. after she gots those stitches on her head? I'm not sure there's ANY cheesecake that's worth that. And you know how I feels about cheese!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  31. I hope you all don't become Franken-dogs. I love the part where she's eating the special food and you're all looking on.

  32. Bunny, Get Morgan to draw on some stitches:)

    Hope Blueberry is doing ok.

  33. We are very pleased that Blueberry is well!
    This is written in a very fun way, that we can not avoid the laughs!
    Bunny, you are really Jealous! =)

  34. Noting wrong with some spoiling of the Blue - we only wish we could figure out how to spoil Phantom - food is so not his thing.

    Forget the stitches plan,Bunny - they really aren't worth it. Just be an extra good girl and we bet you will be nicely rewarded.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  35. hee hee Bunny!! 'da Mommy was lauffing at your Momma's spot stolen on 'da couch.. Ehem..
    'da Josie is a spot stealer//I mean saver.. hee hee..

    Oh 'da nerves of Blueberry... butt we's glad she is doing betters... perhaps you could flip overs on yous back wits yous paws up in 'da airs wits yous eyes all sad looking wits a GIVE ME SOME CHEESE CAKE STARE... when 'da Josie demands to be carried around and 'da pawrents try to make me move... I fall over... hee hee


  36. Maybe a pathetic look would be better than surgery
    Benny & Lily

  37. Hmmm.... I am not so sure that is a good idea!
    I know you can think about a good plan to get what you want... without going for the stitches thing!
    Kisses and hugs

  38. Could you practice a little limp? Lassie did it!

    That way you don't have to worry about messing up your glamour.

  39. Bunny, have you considered a fake limp? It is great for sympathy, just always remember to limp on the same leg!

  40. Hey Bunny
    They have temporary tattoos with stitches. Try that. The real deal is really not that fun.

    PS- Or make a deal with blueberry to split everything

  41. I missed a load of your posts!!!First up Happy belated Birthday Bunny, gald Blueberrys op went ok, your birthday cake looked very tastie, and I think you should be the favorite dog, time for some pampering ;)
    See Yea George xxx

  42. Isn`t life unfair Bunny? I think if you batted your eyes your mom might give you a bit more of Blue`s special food.

  43. miss bunny,
    maybe you could use that makeup kit to give yourself a nice, big black eye. heehee.
    oh, asa's woofin' over my shoulder to just trust her -- you don't really want a zipper on your head or anywhere else for that matter!!

    the booker man

  44. Oh, goodness! Don't get stitches! That would hurt! Just sneak a bite of the cheesecake when no one is looking!

  45. Now then, you have to be big about Miss Blueberry getting extra attention. You might have a boo boo too someday and you will appreciate the cheesecake and special snuggles. Enjoy your health. I'm hoping that Blueberry will be OK. I would smoochie her myself if I could.



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