Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taking The Easy Road

Bunny here at the keyboard again to talk about our extra hike from this weekend.

Since Mom and Dad both overslept Sunday morning and it was a really beautiful day, we decided to go out hiking again.  Saturday they had talked about going to Moraine View State Recreation Area, but the trails were supposed to be really easy.  Since they wanted to wear Morgan out before the trick or treaters started showing up Saturday night at our house, we went to Starved Rock and hiked the canyons there Saturday, but they thought Moraine might be fun for an easy Sunday stroll, so we loaded our backpacks, put on our hiking collars, and Morgan, Blueberry and I all headed off in the van with Mom and Dad for a stroll through the woods.

The hiking trails there are pretty short, but after a while, we found a horse trail and decided to walk on that.  I'm not sure that was the best plan, since Blueberry got covered with mud, but we did get a nice leg stretch in.  The sun was shining and it lit up the leaves like they were magic.  It was definitely pretty there, and the walking wasn't hard at all.  Even Blueberry didn't break a sweat. 

Morgan and I were happy to have our bright backpacks on because there were a lot of hunters setting up deer stands with their bows and arrows.  We didn't see any deer, and I imagine they're too smart to be in that part of the park right now with all the hunters out there when across the street was the area with no hunting.  I know those deer get crazy this time of year with the rut, but I think they were probably all having a, um, party over on the other side where we couldn't see them.

There's a really pretty lake there where a lot of fishing goes on, too.  We went down to have a look at it after we got done on our walk.  Morgan and I wanted to get in, but Dad said not to even think about it.  I stuck my toe in anyway and it was COLD!  So, I didn't need any more reminders to stay out of it.

I do have to say, it was nice to have Blueberry along with us, and it was good that we found a place where she could walk with us pretty easy.  A lot of times she stays home to keep Lilac company, but she's not too  happy with that.  I imagine Lilac spends a lot of that time barking to herself like she is wont to do.  So, to have Blue with us was a nice change of pace for her and us both.  Mom says we'll have to plan more trips that Blue can go on.  I asked if that meant that Blueberry was getting a backpack too and Blueberry said there's no way she's carrying anything, so I guess that's a no.  It was still fun to have her along!

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  1. Thats a lovely group shot at the end! Glad everyone had fun on the trails and a good Halloween!

  2. That's a beautiful shot of all of you three in the end. Glad Blueberry get to tag along this time. I see a glint of happiness in her eyes :)

    Happy Tuesdays!

  3. So glad you all had a nice hike. the photos are fab. Love the last one particularly.

  4. Sounds like a great hike! The three of you look great together!
    Do you still hike during the winter months?

  5. I love this picture of the three of you together. I wonder what you are looking at?

    Your pal, Pip

  6. So glad to hear that Blueberry came along with you and Morgan. I do hope all these hikes could help calm Morgan down. Blueberry looks she's enjoying the hike with you all too.

    The hiking place looks so cool and the lake is beautiful. I always admire you all could have so many beautiful places to explore.

    Beautiful pictures of all you!!!

  7. Nice photos! Glad that Blueberry was able to come along this time.

    Bunny, you asked us about Elephant Rock State Park. Jack has been there a few times. It's pretty much out in the middle of no where, but I think there is a small town with motels about 30-40 minutes away. Johnson Shut-Ins is also nearby. It's really pretty, but dogs are not allowed at the shut-ins.

  8. I has been meaning to ask you and I should has asked afore but furgotted, wot breed of camera duss you use? Your pikshures is all so bootiful. Our point and shoot died in Furginia, on the furry furst day! It woz only 1 yr and 2 months old so it wented to the bridge way afore it's time. So mom had to lug the big SLR around. We just gotted a noo point and shoot wot seems better than the udder one but if'n you is using a point and shoot, we should has asked you furst wot breed yours be, DOH! Anyways, we gotted a Panasonic DMC-ZR3 wot had rilly good revoos and if'n that is wot yours be, then we be rilly happy! We seem to like it, still playing with it...

  9. All of the pics are good BUTT the last one is just terrrrrrific.

  10. I too love that last photo with the beautiful backdrop of the lake.

    It's odd contemplating what the deer think of the crazy human behavior. Hunting here but not 50 yards away, etc. I've been seeing lots of tame deer in no-hunting areas but no one but my remote cameras see them in our hunted forest. They seem to "know".

    Glad that Blueberry could join you. It is so hard when the pack has to be split up due to differing abilities for hiking...

  11. Oh, I love that last picture! You guys look great, and looks like such a nice place for a hike!

  12. Go Blueberry! On some of our more tough hikes Dunc stays home too, but he just passes out and snores on the loveseat. But we like to go places he can go! Much more fun!

    Mom said that last photo is a "framer".

  13. Our favorite shot is the last one! You all look like pros. I like it when Mack gets to come along with us, too. But lots of times he stays home and snores on the couch.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  14. Is some buddy missing their backpack? Better put it on. Beautiful!
    Benny & Lily

  15. You always take bootiful pictures, but that last one is gorgeous! Such bootiful pups!

  16. Gosh that bottom pic is stunning! All your pics are great but love that one with the three beautiful girls.
    What a great hike - the water in Scotland is pretty cold now too.
    We usually try and avoid horse trails as Martha so loves to roll in their poo!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  17. Pawesome pikhs!

    I'm with the others: the last pikh is inkhredible!


  18. What a wonderful trail it was, even though it might have been short! The dogs look great together!

  19. What pretty pictures! Especially the last one with the three bestest girls! You guys are so lucky to go hiking so often. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I, Puddles concur bouts da last foto of da three of yous.
    What a shocker dat Blue went, I am quite surprised but very happy her gots to go. It's nice to see her out and about....hers prolly happy too...not to hear Lilac barking...hehehehehe!


  21. I agree too, dat last foto is beootifuls! What a great place to take a hike :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  22. miss bunny,
    2 hikes in one weekend?! i'm a smidge jelly! i'm glad ya'll had funsies, and i'm glad miss blueberry got to come along on sunday. oh, and i love the group shot!

    the booker man

  23. I, Lola, also agree that that picture with the three girls is a keeper. Just a great shot and you all look excellent!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  24. I love that last picture of you at the end; what are you all looking at?

  25. I'm glad you all had fun, and Blueberry got to come along. Have a great week!!

  26. Great hikes! I love the scenery and you look like your having a great time.

  27. Yes! That place looks so serene and beautiful and the last picture of you is sooo special!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Well, it is good that Blueberry got to go but I hope that you don't have to carry extra in your backpacks to make up for her attitude. My goodness. Such a princess.


  29. Looks like a lot of fun, Bunny. Keep those bright backpacks on, though. The local nimrods are so thick around here we all have to swathe ourselves in orange from head to toe. I'm glad Blueberry got to go. How did Morgan handle the trick or treaters?

  30. I'm glad Blueberry got to come along. I'm betting Morgan was still lively for Trick or Treaters.

  31. We wish we knew you were headed to state park. You had to drive right by our house, we would have been more than happy to jump in the van for a roadtrip. The Hounddogs

  32. You go on so many hikes! It makes me feel positively like a slacker. :) Argos usually has to make do with the streets around here, or if he's lucky, the dog park!

    And fantastic pictures!

  33. Fun hike! That last pic belongs in a frame!

    The Road Dogs


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