Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Long Day

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty long day.  It was the sort of day that feels like it will never end.  I don't suppose it helped any that we were up at Oh Dark Thirty, either.  For once I woke up before the alarm clock went off and Lilac wasn't barking, nor was Morgan doing stealth patrol.  I almost felt a little guilty waking them up.  Okay, I admit it, I didn't, it was nice to see them on the recieving end for a change.  Bunny was stretched out, enjoying an early morning birthday tummy rub and then I crawled out of bed to start getting ready, since we had to get moving earlier than usual to get Blueberry to the vet.

Mr. Taleteller took Blueberry to the vet.  I could handle things all day if I didn't have to be the one to leave her there.  I gave her a hug and kissed her lumpy head and off they went, her travel bed along so she'd have somewhere comfortable to rest while she was waiting for her surgery to start.  I put food down for the rest of the group and I thought Morgan might actually weep tears of relief.  Waking up early and then not putting food out nearly threw her into panic overload.  Fortunately, the food went out in the nick of time before the sky actually fell. 

So, I went to work and tried to keep busy and not worry over her.  Within ten minutes of getting into the classroom with the kids after bus duty, someone had peed on me.  For those who don't know, I teach PreK, so life at work can be interesting.  The day went downhill from there.  By lunchtime, I still hadn't heard from the vet's office and I was getting anxious.  So, after lunch when the kids went down to sleep, I called.  Imagine my surprise when I heard that Blueberry hadn't gone in for sugery yet.  There had been an emergency that came in and she was still waiting.

One of the reasons I like our vet is that if you have an emergency, they get right to you.  However, it's hard to be really appreciative of that fact when you got up at the butt crack of dawn to get your dog in so that she could have her surgery done early and be ready to go home when you get off work.  I called again after school was out and found out that she was currently in surgery.  They thought I'd be able to take her home at 5:30, which was a two hour wait.  I reasoned that I could at least go by the dog bakery and get a birthday cake for Bunny since I wasn't going to have time to bake one. 

Finally, it was time to get Blue and I was at the vet's office.  I went in to talk with the vet about how things went and things that we need to do for her after she goes home.  She's got some new food to try and some mouthwash, both of which are to help keep her teeth clean.  The vet was optimistic about the lump.  He said there was only one blood vessel going into it, so it wasn't getting fed a lot and that it was a good thing.  The lump will be tested and we'll know more about what it was in a week, but the vet seemed to feel like there was a good chance that we've gotten it before it can be anything that needs more treatment. 

Blueberry did have a hard time coming out of the anesthesia, and she was thrashing around quite a bit from what they said.  She has some red spots across her chest, belly and the insides of her legs which we're watching closely.  They think it's most likely petechial hemorrhaging, but it could be her blood not clotting.  As a final indignity, they gave her a bath.   She was still really shaky and needed some help to get outside, but she made it.  I guess she wasn't staying anyplace where they force a bath on you after cleaning your teeth.

We got home and Mr. Taleteller carried her inside.  There was a crate set up for her in case she wanted it, but her first priority was drinking a lot of water.  She also wanted to eat, so I gave her some of the new food.  Mr. Taleteller left to go to class with Morgan, since we figured keeping her busy would be better for Blueberry than having her sniffterogating her about where she'd been all day.  She laid down in the crate, but then decided she wanted to lay on the couch.  Of course I picked her up and she promptly made herself comfortable in my spot.  Normally, I'd make them move from there if I wanted to sit down, but I didn't have the heart.  She laid her had against my pillow and closed her eyes, finally resting comfortably.

So, that's as much as we know at the moment.  It was a huge relief to sit on the couch between Bunny and Blueberry and listen to Lilac barking at Blueberry's new bag of food.  Sometimes I guess we all need a little reminder about how good it is to be home.  Bunny's planning on enjoying her day tomorrow with cake and attention while we're all home together.  She seemed happy enough with having Blueberry home for the night, although I noticed she seemed even more happy when she saw that there was new food to investigate.  We will share more news when we get it.  Thank you to everyone who offered us support, well wishes, and good humor here on the blog, on forums we visit, through e-mail and on Facebook.  It has helped us more than we can say!  Now I'm off to see if I can grow that money tree in the back yard.

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  1. I see KHROSSED paws!


    Thanks fur sharing the day and such -


  2. Geez, I was just logging in to wish Madam Blue a good day tomorrow, I thought she was going in then.

    So glad to hear the vet is optomistic. That is a good thing.

    She looks pretty good even with stitches running across her noggin.

    The garden hounds send very happy birthday wishes to Miss Bunny and a hurry up and recover to Madam Blue.

  3. What a day. The best part of your post is learning that she has an interest in food. That's the best indicator that things are going to be just fine.

  4. Poor Blueberry! So sorry to hear that she had to stay at the vet for so long but I'm glad she's home and slept comfortably on the couch at last. Home sweet home and it's the best place!

    What a sweetie she is. Hope the lump is nothing serious and she has a speedy recovery!!!

  5. Aww the poor thing. Shame she had to wait so long but it seems she pulled through with flying colors, bless her.

    Here`s a wish for a speedy recovery from all the critters and us on the hillside farm!

  6. Blueberry's very brave - and so are you.

    Well done all of you for getting through yesterday. Me and the Lady Of The House kept thinking and talking about you and looking for news about what was happening.

    We're sure everything's going to be just fine now.

    Lots and lots of love from England x

  7. Welcome home, Blueberry. Despite your day of indignities, we like the sound of your vet. Now you need to milk it all you can - and taking that spot on the couch was a good start.

  8. Thank you for letting us know about Blueberry. It all sounds optimistic and we will continue to keep our paws crossed. We hope everyone keeps some much needed rest now that the surgery is over. We were really worried about your entire family.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: Scars just give us more personality!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I know this is hardly appropriate, but what the heck: Blueberry looks rad! FrankinBerry! (hopefully that will cheer her up.) She's totally a tough cookie. nothing but respect for all the indignities she suffered in 1 day! all that waiting and then surgery and teeth and a bath.

    i'm surprised she wanted to eat. Juno had very minor surgical procedure yesterday too. I have not posted or talked about it yet. i will. but suffice it to say, the anesthesia made her nauseous so she wouldn't eat! imagine that. a husky turning down food...

    you'll have to share what kind of food they recommended. i'm curious.

    as far as morgan: the sky WOULD fall if it weren't for all the GSDs in this world watching out for it! Oh my dog, take the routine out of a GSD and it's armagedon!

    love to Blue and best outcome for her owie.
    wild dingo

  11. Thank you for the update. We've been anxious to know how Blueberry is doing. It's so good that the Vet was optimistic about the lump itself. Wanting to eat is certainly a good sign for a speedy recovery. I hope your day home together is a nice peaceful healing one.

    Good luck on that money tree. My humans have never gotten one to take in our yard. But our soil is kind of sandy. Maybe it'll do better in yours.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  12. So glad to hear that Blueberry is home safe and sound, and that the mass does not appear to be concerning, (keeping paws crossed).
    Hope she is feeeling better today!

    (sorry to hear you got peed on too)

  13. Sounds good so far! I'm sorry you had such a horrible and stressful day yesterday. As you say, it's good when vets get right on the emergencies, but difficult to cope with when you're the one waiting - it's like being at the doctor's and they're running late, but then you think of the times you've needed a little longer in there with them and you just have to be philosophical.

    Fingers and paws crossed here on the lab report! Hopefully it'll be nothing much.

  14. SO glad to hear the Blue is home and it sounds like she is too :). Very happy to hear that the vet is optimistic about the lump. Sending hugs to Blue :)

  15. I am so happy to hear Blueberry is home and that the vet's initial feelings are that things are OK. Hopefully, you all can get some rest and relaxation and enjoy Bunny's celebration tomorrow.

    Your pal, Pip

  16. It looks like she is going to need lots of love. I'm sure she is thrilled to be home, but she still looks really sad. I hope she feels better today and can enjoy Bunny's celebration and that new food that everyone is interested in. LOL

  17. Wow, what a day indeed! Sounds like promising results from the removal, but I know I'd be on pins & needles until that darned pathology report comes back clean!! What a way to get a face-lift, Blue! Hope your ears aren't closer together now, there's not much skin up there to pull together after all! Thinking good thoughts for you all, keep us posted!

    Michelle & the Frenchies

  18. I like the second photo where her nose is pushed to one side, I'd have my nose out of joint too if I were her. ;) She looks pretty good, actually and I am so glad to hear the vet's positive feeling about it. We have been through this *so* many times with varied outcomes. I hope you can let me know about the progress of growing that Money Tree in the backyard, it would be so helpful in the contiued supply of cash to the vets and fur kids vendors we help make a living. ;)

    Hugs to you - a tough time emotionally for sure. Tons of gentle ear scritches to Blue, she looks *so* much like my Blewbear, whom I still miss very much.

  19. Also, wishing you all good things for Blueberry and that you will hear nothing but good news for her in the days to come.

  20. Oh my - it does sound like you had a heck of a day. The waiting is so hard, and it's especially hard when it goes on longer than expected. But, it sounds like all signs are good so far - the one blood vessel sounds to me like a very good sign. But, an entire week to do pathology??? I'm guessing that we're going to be hearing the same thing today about the analysis of K's toe, and it just may be the longest week of our collective lives.

    As a small aside, many years ago, my back surgery was delayed by about 4 hours, with me lying in pre-op all ready to be rolled into the surgery suite. The reason was good though - the woman lying next to me in pre-op had just gotten a donated heart. It arrived via airplane, and they rushed her into my surgery suite to put it in (a more than 12 hour surgery - I was put in a different suite much later). I've wondered many times in the past decade how that woman is doing.

    I hope that your family has a comfortable and loving day together and enjoys celebrating Bunny's birthday all together.

  21. We are so glad to hear that Blueberry came through like a champ. She looks good for all she had been through that day. At least she had her own comfy bed to rest on while she waited patiently. So So glad, the vet has postive vibes that the outcome is good. We worried about her all day yesterday so we know how you felt being her Mom and all. Enjoy your day together today eating lots of cake. The Hounddogs

  22. Each day is a gift. I think they bruise so easily since they are thin skinned. I also think when they are under anesthesia and they turn and lift them it causes bruising. My hounds always have that even after a dental. Love her lots! She really looks good though.

  23. Yay Blueberry! Though I am afraid that she may have a funny cowlick from the looks of that incision! Bless her heart. I know Morgan will take good care of her!

    The Heartbeats

  24. Poor Frankenberry!! At least she's home, there's nothing like being home!!!

    Aside: mom says there's nothing worse then dropping off your furry kid at Dr. Vet then having to WAIT to hear how things go. It's horrible! But cuddling on the couch makes it all worth it! I hope the cake has magical healing powers!!

  25. OK, we will keep doing the basal cell danse ofur here - it seems to be werking. Blueberry is looking quite gorked like they gibbed her those whacky drugs over at the V-E-T. But you knows, your mouf duss feel kinds nice after that toof cleaning and I will deny I efur admitted that.

    OMD, just saw wot Anna writed above, Frankenberry, whahahaha - she is too funny and I is laffing at her, not Blueberry! She do always be good fur comic releef when you need it.

  26. I'm glad the lump removal went well and that's great that she was up and ready to eat when she got home. I'll be hoping you get some good news about the lump and that it doesn't take too long. The waiting is never fun.

  27. Poor girl. I hate when you make arrangements like that and then they don't stick to the schedule. Tucker has the same sort of reaction to anesthesia, he gets shaky and wobbly and moans for hours afterwards.

    Hope you get good news from the lab.

  28. Poor Blueberry! Your ouchie looks, well, ouchie! But I bet it heals up real soon and you'll be good as new before long. Um, but what I'm MOST sorry abouts your B.A.T.H. (Shudder!) Talk abouts adding insult to injury!

    Paws crossed for good news!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Please tell Morgan I understand. It's very impawtant to be fed at exactly the same time every day or else the earth might spin off its axis. True story!

  29. I have never gone through anything like this! I must say that it all looks scary to me, but Gramma assured me that Blueberry's stitches looked okay! I am glad that she is home with you!

  30. mrs. taleteller,
    i'm sorry it was such a longish day for you and miss blueberry. i'm super duper glad ya'll have the day off today to rest and cuddle and celebrate miss bunny's birthday!
    miss blueberry was a champ to get through that surgery and icky anesthesia and then a bath. bless her heart!! (note to miss bunny: i think you should let miss blueberry have a BIGGISH piece of your cake.)
    me and asa and mama are full of the reliefs to hear that the V-E-T was optimistic about the lump. we are keepin' all our paws and fingers and toes crossed for good news!

    the booker man

  31. Poor Blueberry. That's a lot to go through for a human who knows what's going on. It must be even harder on a dog who doesn't quite understand. Thank you for the update on her condition. I hope you get some sleep as well and she recovers easily.

  32. Hope you have a wonderful family day together! Lots of cake an cuddles!!

  33. I can't help but to frown seeing Blue like this, poor baby! D: I hope she get's better!

  34. I agrees with Mayzie.......its one thing to have to endure surgery..butt, it is a whole nuther thing to have to get a B.A.T.H too!!

    I thinks Miss Blueberry looks just wonderful in da fotos!!! Her 'ouchie' give her a distinct new look, that will be very becoming on her...cuz we think there is no way to take away from her beauty.

    Healing Hugs fur today.....and we hope Bunny enjoys her cake!!


  35. So glad to hear that Blueberry is home and doing well! Sending healing vibes her way!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  36. Well, you know all of our prayers are with Blueberry right now.

    That poor head looks so uncomfy! But she's home with everyone that loves her, and that alone is healing. I'm glad to hear whatever it was was caught early!

  37. We are thinking of you Blueberry! So glad you're home with your family!

  38. So glad Blueberry is home. I will keep my fingers crossed that the results are all ok.

    Enjoy the celebrations with Bunny.

  39. Please let me know if you master the money tree! I hope all is well, and Blueberry is having a good day!! Take care.

  40. You look so much more comfy on the sofa Blueberry. Soak up all that extra attention while you can! Tomorrow is Bunny's day!

  41. We get to go through this on Thursday, and I know just what you mean. Give Blueberry a hug for us? ...and tell Bunny Happy Birthday, just in case we missed it.


  42. And you got peed on? Thank goodness that day is over and everyone is back home safe and sound! Poor blueberry, that looks like some ouchie. She can have my pillow too!

    Hugs to all,

  43. The waiting is the worst, isn't it? Too bad there had to be so much of it yesterday. We will continue to keep Blueberry in our prayers. And we hope the report comes back early. We hated having to wait so long. Paws crossed and lots of prayers for good news.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  44. Oh what a day! Poor Blueberry! We'll be thinking of you and hope you get better real soon.

    (I love the picture of your nose squished sideways. My nose does that often too. :) )

    Lots of love and kisses to you Blueberry!

  45. Oh, Sweet Blueberry. . . what an ordeal you and your loved ones have been through! I'm hoping and wishing as strong as I can that the report is a GOOD one, and that you're feeling better day by day.

    Happy Birthday to your sister Bunny too!

  46. Sending much love to Miss Blueberry and tender cuddles to all those who care about her so, so much.

  47. Positive thoughts headed your way. Heal well Blue

  48. We are so glad that Blueberry is home!
    All here have paws and fingers crossed!

  49. We are so happy to hear that Blueberry is over her operation and home again with you. It was a long day certainly for you all and nothing is worse than waiting around all day.

    Our paws and fingers are crossed now that the news will be good.

    take care
    Clive, Murray and all the family

  50. Ahhhhhhhh...Blue is STILL beautifuls, I didn't really notice her ouchie at alls!
    I'm just glad it's all overs with...well except furs da results but I is confident and optimistic bouts it all!
    Tell Morgan I totally understand her pain in food schedules bein' off...not good!
    Hope Bunny enjoys her cake.

    We still haves ya'll in our thoughts.


  51. I hope you will get very good results!
    Take it easy, Blueberry and you will be like new in no time!
    Kisses and hugs

  52. What a long day for you... and Blue. I am glad she's all good.. probably still woozy from the operation. You take a rest too. You sure look like you needed one.

  53. Miss Blueberry,
    I am glad you had your extra lump removed and am going to think good thoughts that they don't have anything bad to say about it. Your stitches don't look bad at all. You are still beautiful (and extra shiny after you bath).

    You just rest and be well.


  54. Yay fur Blueberry!! Puppy prayers are still heading your way.

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  55. We have our paws crossed for Blueberry!! She is so loved by us, and half of the rest of the world, that we all are pulling for her!!!!!
    Feel the love coming your way Blue!!!

  56. Miss Blueberry, I'm slow in getting around this week but you've certainly been on my mind. So glad that surgery is now in the past and you can get to healing. What an awful long day for you and your pack. Take care sweet girl. =)


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