Saturday, November 20, 2010

What Is In Those Things?

Thursday night was Paw to Paw visiting night at one of the nursing homes that we visit.  Even though it's been a long week, we decided that we'd go and take the girls to visit.   Blueberry has been particularly put out that we have been, ahem, encouraging her to relax, so we broke down and told her she could come.  It was a really nice night and I figured she could rest in the van if she got tired or overwhelmed by visiting.

Earlier in the week, I got some Pet Botanics Omega Treats for the girls to try and then we'd review them.  They sent us three kinds, chicken, salmon and duck.  I figured I'd just grab a some of those to use at the nursing home since the bags were a nice, smaller size and resealable.  I figured it would be something they'd like and would save me having to run to the store for more training treats.  That's a win-win scenario in my book. 

We got to the nursing home and began to make our visits.  When we visit, we go with a group of other volunteers who bring their own dogs.  The dogs in our group all know which owners have treats with them.  Most use the treats to help get behavior out of the dogs that they're working on.  Morgan is learning to sit beside the patients and let them pet her on the head.  The floors seem to be made of some sort of perpetual ice solution that is extremely slippery.  Blueberry handles this floor like a pro, though, and Bunny has no trouble walking on it. 

In the past, I've mentioned that Blueberry believes that she is entitled to whatever you happen to be eating or in possession of that's edible if she sits and looks pretty at you.  Thursday night was no different, even though I expect to watch Greyhounds On Ice every time she sits up there.  Bunny realizes that it's an impossible dream from the outset and stands at attention, ears cocked forward and eyelashes batting oh so coquettishly.  Bunny I can ignore, but when I see Blue do this tiny little wobbly readjustment of her butt to try to stay in place, I give up the fight and hand over the treats.  Yes, I do know that she taped a sign on my back that read "sucker" when I bent over to dig the treats out of the bag.

When I got those treats out, though, a funny thing happened.  I suddenly had the attention of every dog visiting there that night.  Golden Retrivers, German Shepherds, Corgis, a Beagle, a Duck Trolling Retriever, a Springer Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel all had joined in with the girls gazing adoringly at the bag just after I'd opened it.  After getting everyone's permission, I passed the treats out to all the dogs.  There wasn't even a crumb left on the floor! 

Suddenly, I was the most popular person in the whole nursing home.  I don't think there was a time all night when I wasn't being stalked by at least one of the other dogs to get those treats.  Blueberry let me know that she deserved, well, a very large portion of the treats for not only coming along and teaching the youngsters how a dog is supposed to visit, but also for going injured.  I have to say, the treats definitely get a good review from us!

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Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. Wow!!!

    Those must have been pawesome treats!


  2. I bet the nursing home residents look forward to the dogs visiting.

  3. Yummy treats! We tried the salmon before! It's DELICIOUS!!! Ok, I guess that's one of the reasons you were stalked the whole night : )

  4. Great news that Blueberry came along too !

  5. We got those treats, too. I loved them. We need to get more, soon. They have a wonderful aroma. I don't usually try to open packages of treats on my own, but I did with these. No wonder you got everydoggy's attention.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  6. I can only imagine the mugging that you received. What I can not imagine is taking multiple dogs to the nursing home. My hands are full with just Cheesewhiz.

  7. hehehe I never get to take treats to the HOME any more.. not since one of the two leggers tried to eat one. heheehe
    Do you get to go into Rooms? I only go into the two "commons" areas. There is neffer any other dawg there when I go. That is good, beclaws I get ALL of the attention.
    I'm thinkin that your mom will now be forced to bring those treats EVERY time. BOL
    I think it is super fantastic that Blueberry got to go.

  8. You guys are amazing! and new treats to boot. Glad this week is ending on a high note for you all!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  9. This is the second pawsitive review for those - we will need to try some!


  10. Reminds me of last night, at my club's meeting - we had a Yorkie, a Berner, and my Marge all gazing up at my friend, Ellen, while she ate a slice of pizza. It was a funny sight!

    I'm glad Blueberry got some time out of the house and was able to mingle with the nursing home residents!

  11. Isn't it great to be popular with the pups! By the way, I love your cute little Corgi friend. :)

  12. Those must be some dee-lish treats!!!

    I just love that last foto of the girls walking down the looks like they are discussing how you might be holding out on them with the rest of the treats!!!


  13. Your story of the floors and the dogs trying to sit on them rang true to me! We have only hardwood floors, and our dogs have exactly the same problem! Their butts start sliding backward, they fight to stay in a sit, and I finally relent and give them treats.

    That is a strong endorsement for those awesome treats!

  14. I definitely need to try some of these yummies.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Those treats sound most pawsomely good! Mom, can you get me some?

  16. Happy Saturday Everybodys!
    Mom is gonna have to gets some of dose treats fur me too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  17. That is too funny!!! Those treats sure do sound nommy!! Can we have some?

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  18. As I always woof, if'n you has an injury, milk it fur all it be werth. Now I must go in search fur some of those treats. I can limp if'n I has to.

  19. Hey everyone!
    Wow, it looks like you had a great visit with those folks in the home. I bet they were super excited to see your beautiful selves and visit with you a little. What a great thing for you to do. I'm glad Blueberry got to go. I love the tail pix of both of you!
    Grr and Woof,

  20. That is a nice thing you are doing, going to visit at the nursing home. I go to the VA home sometimes to see Dad's dad....I'm a little to hyper.


    So nice, that you brought treats for the whole gang!!

  21. They sound yummy!

    Happy Blog Hopping!


  22. I think it is just wonderful that you visit the Nursing Home with your dog (and that the other doggies are there too!)

    Animals offer such comfort to Seniors....kudos to you!!!
    And I bet those treats are darned tasty too!

  23. Tucker & Phoebe love those treats, too! Glad you had a nice visit.

    Tucker's Mom

  24. How awesome they look! I'm going to get to review some of their products soon too & now I can't wait.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Waaaaait a minute. I was going to write something about the treats or the visit, but then I accidentally did something on the trackpad to enlarge the screen. Do I see tongue in the last photo?

    Aw, tongue.

    The house we visit in the country has a slippery tile floor in the hall to the loo and kitchen. My dogs never saw it until the owners decided to quit using the sliding glass door as a front door and switch to the smaller door that leads to the freshly Zamboni-ed tile floor. Omo can handle it, but Fabian will have no part of it. It's an excellent place to stash the stuff he'd get into. I'm impressed that both of yours are Sonja Henie on the tiles.

  26. Uh, oh...CindyLu saw this post. Looks like I'm going to be checking out new treats!

  27. Sure those treats are yummy, right?
    Glad you had time to go to the nurse home and make happy the residents there!
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Well, we would say that is quite the endorsement. Mom is chuckling at Blueberry's ways. Phantom has decided that the only food he really likes are treats. At night he sits in front of Mom or Dad and just stares at them with those big baby blues and just like you, they can't resist:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  29. We are so deprived over here, we hardly have any fancy dog treats available. Sounds like it's just as well we can't get these ones or the kids would be insisting I keep plenty on hand!

    Lovely to read that Blueberry went along too and enjoyed herself:-)

  30. Okay, that does it! I've gotta sends mom to the store to gets some of those today! They have this DEE-lish meat roll that mom cuts up into pieces and I gets those when we go to class. I LUVS them SO much! So I know I would luvs these things, too!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  31. They look like great treats....Australia has nothing good like this either and what is around from the States is soooo expensive!

  32. Hahaha, great story. I love being the "food lady" amongst a group of dogs. So much fun.

    Congratulations on all your great therapy work. It's wonderful to give so much back to the community. I'm sure the dogs love it as well.

  33. Blueberry. I'm so glad you felt good enough to tag along. Sounds like you made it into a pawtee!!!!

  34. i swear those treats are like dog crack. booker and asa are perfect angels whenever i pull them out! :)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  35. Glad Miss Blueberry was able to go along. =)

    Thanks for the tip on the treats...we may have to ask Santa to leave some of those for our four-legged nephew!


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