Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Story Of Us

Bunny here at the keyboard again, conducting an interview with my sisters.

We were asked to so a post today about our adoption stories.  However, all of our adoption stories have been told, and we didn't want to make this post read like a novel, so I thought I'd intervew my sisters about our adoptions and maybe let you learn a little about us that you might not have known before.  Here it goes!

When did you finally know that you were home?  I know that speaking for myself, I knew it about two minutes after I'd walked in the door.  There were friendly hounds, people who fussed over me and kept petting me and a giant soft dog bed!  I miss that bed -- Lilac, I wish you hadn't torn it up!

Lilac:  I had my reasons!  Anyway, I knew as soon as I saw Mom that she was mine.  I really felt like I was home, though, after my famous Easter Candy Heist when Mom and Dad watched me even more closely than Treat and Hawk to see if I'd get sick.  Even though I'd been a bit bad, they didn't bring it up and just looked after me.

Blueberry:  Hmm...  Well, I wasn't so sure at first, but then they took me on vacation with them.  I had so much fun at the beach, and my mom was already living the life here.  The lady who first adopted me didn't want me back after she had surgery, and it turned out I was allergic to her cats when they took me by for a visit.  I knew that wasn't the place for me!  Plus, pretty early on, I became very attached to Dad.  I worried and worried for a long time that they'd send me back, but then one day Mom got a piece of paper from the adoption group president, and she said that it meant I was never leaving.  I slept much better at night after that!

Morgan:  Oh, I knew as soon as I met you when you came to see me!  I quickly realized that all of you have no clue about how to stay together and that you needed me to look out for you and keep you in one spot.  I felt like I was home from the very beginning!

What's your favorite thing about living here?  I know for me it's that they understand how special  I am and they take me out for adventures and always have time to pet me.

Lilac:  Well, I'm very fond of my fan.  I like that they move it to the spot I want.  I also like that I've finally got them trained the way I want.  Don't any of you go messing them up!

Blueberry:  I like that they can't say no to me.  I don't ask for things that are extravagant, but I'm sure if I did, they'd get it for me.  They fuss over me very nicely, too, and I love that!

Morgan:  Oh, a favorite?  That's tough!  I like that Dad takes me to class, and I like hiking, and I like waking them up in bed, and I like chasing the rabbits here with Dad on the other end of the leash, and I like...

Morgan, we only have so much time here!  I'm sorry, but we've got to move on.  Where did you live before you came to our house?  I lived on a farm in Iowa myself, and then after schooling, I went to the adoption kennel in Iowa for a couple of weeks before I came here.

Lilac:  I lived a few places, but the last place I lived was on the dog farm in Kansas where I'd just weaned my last litter of puppies before getting on that hauler and driving through the cold January night to get here.  I came here as a foster dog, but I knew that I wasn't going to leave, and I was right.  Then again, I'm always right!

Blueberry:  I was born on the same farm in Kansas, then I went to schooling, then I tried out racing in Florida, but it wasn't for me, so I packed up my collar and muzzle and came back to the farm.  I traveled on the same haul with Lilac to get to Illinois, but I lived for about six months with another lady before coming to stay for a while at our house.  I wasn't supposed to stay, but the longer I was here, the more I hoped I wouldn't have to go back.  Now I'm so glad that I got to stay!

Morgan:  As a little puppy I went home with another family, the same family that took care of you, Bunny, for a while.  There were some problems there, though, and they felt that it would be better for me to live with a family that has other dogs and give me more time.  I have to say, I love it here.  We go on hiking adventures and Dad and I go to class and Mom plays hide and seek with me and life is just about perfect for me, as long as everybody stays together.

Alright, here's my last question.  What do you want to get for Mom and Dad for Christmas?  I was thinking maybe I'd order them some t-shirts with a picture of me on them so everyone would know they belong to me.

Lilac:  Presents?  Aren't they supposed to get me presents?  Meh.  I might let them sleep in an extra half hour!

Blueberry:  Oh, where to start?  I'd like to get them some soft pillows, turn off all the alarm clocks, a million dollars and a personal masseuse!  I hear people like that.  Oh, and Mom wants one of those color nooks.  If they'd let me in the bookstore, I'd get that for her, because she's the one who always gets Dad to let me go places.

Lilac:  Suck up!


Morgan:  I'd get them body alarms so if there was danger nearby, they could alert me and let me know!

Good answers!  Well, there you have it, our Christmas list for Mom and Dad.  I hope they don't read this and start figuring out what's going on with the magic plastic!
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  1. Forget the magic plastic, I'm still cracking up at the fan! Obsess much? LOL!

  2. Great post!!!!

    Thanks fur the insight!!!!

    AND the great gift ideas...


  3. Well that's my laugh for the day:)

  4. A wonderful interview interview with your sisters, Bunny! You did a great job and let us know more about your darling sisters. Aren't you all so sweet and special to your mom and dad?

  5. Bwhahahahahaha...okays girls...I thinks I just woke up da neighborhood reading dis!
    Da fan always gets me and Morgan's protection mode is always ON.

    Love your gift idea...especially da t-shirt idea.


  6. This was a fantastic interview! What a great way to do this post. You are all a wonderful family and it's so great that you have each other.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. Excellent interview, but, Lilac, we think you are being way too generous in your present. 30 whole minutes? You will spoil the humans with that.

  8. Thanks for the great interviews, Bunny. It is all well and good reading Mom's stories of how you all came to stay, but far more illuminating reading all of your own experiences upon joining your wonderful family.

  9. A million dollars? Blueberry, you're so gererous! You all landed yourselves an excellent home, and excellent 2-leggers. I'm very happy for all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. Miss Bunny, you are a most excellent interviewer. You could totally have your own dog talk show. I loved learning more about your different personalities.


    P.S. That Morgan does prattle on, doesn't she?

  11. Hahaha, so funny! Especially about the body alarms. :)

  12. Great interview! I didn't realize that all of you (except Morgan) came from other states. You are quite the travelers. Love the gift ideas, especially the t-shirts!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. wait a minute... Morgan needs to be alerted? There something wrong with that picture!

    nice post!

  14. Very funny answers that really tell about the personalities of your dogs! Morgan's answers made me laugh the most. Do you have body alarms yet?

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. BOL!!!! Wonderful!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. Very Cute ladies!!

    Happy Tanksgivings!!
    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  17. Very humorous! What's a color nook?

  18. Gryt interview Bunny. You may have a new career ahead as a journalist.
    Kassa and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. May great quantities of Turkey make its way floorward.

  19. Great interviews, Bunny! The personality of all your sisters came out with those questions and answers!!! Um, and, maybe you should find a way to use the magic plastic without them seeing the results afterwards -- you know, that nasty piece of paper or email that comes telling them how much green paper they need to send in. :p Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

  20. Love how you did the post! Maybe we'll try that next year. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your peeps!

    Brutus & Carmen

  21. This is sucha a great interview Bunny! *LOL* One of the best story of our lives shared! Good one girls. Happy Thanksgiving :)

  22. So nice learning a little bit more about all of you :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  23. Happy Thanksgiving guys and thank you so much for the smiles - we were needing those today.
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xx

  24. Nice interview, Bunny! Move over Oprah! Hey, I hear she be packing it in anyways so you can has her old job - you would be great at it. Great ideas you has for gifties, too. I still werking on my list...

  25. Oh, that was a super GREAT interview! And you're right! I did learn new stuffs about all of you. I also likes the stuff you want to gets for your pawrents. Especially the body alarm one.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  26. BOL, BOL
    Happee Thanksgiving
    Benny & Lily

  27. LOL!

    Happy Turkey Day!

    I'm so thankful you are my friend. :)


  28. What a great twist on your adoption stories! And I sure did love your Christmas list for your parents!
    Happy Turkey Day!

  29. Lots of lovely stuff there I didn't know. Great interviews!!

    Also still LOVING the collars on the pictures. Especially Blueberry's that says: "I am kind of a big deal".

    You certainly are. You all are.

    Love and licks, from Winnie xx


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