Friday, November 5, 2010

A Sirius Collar Discussion

If you've followed our blog for a while, you may have noticed that we have quite a varied collection of collars here for the Greyhounds.  Morgan has acquired a small assortment of her own collars, as well.   Okay, I'll even admit that I actually own a t-shirt that says "Collar Addict" on it.  So, you can imagine my excitement when we were asked if we would be willing to do a review for Sirius Republic and share their collars with you.

The collars are all handmade using cotton fabrics, nylon webbing and welded metal fittings.  The welded metal is one thing that we look for in collars, since it's less likely that you'll have an accident that results in a loose dog.  They are triple stitched, as well, which helps to keep the collars lasting longer.  They offer martingale collars, buckle collars and quick release martingales in 1.5 inch, 1 inch and .75 inch widths. 

We really liked the cute, whimsical patterns that they offer on their collars.  A lot of our readers have asked us about finding holiday collars and collars with cute patterns.  Sirius Republic is a good place to find them.  I had looked at the website when we were asked to do the review and I had my eye on a couple of the patterns.  I was lucky enough that we got several of the ones I had my eye on and they are extremely cute in person.  They are also very well made.  I looked them over and I would definitely feel safe going out with our girls in the collars.  They are also not terribly expensive, so if you're like us and you like having collars for different holidays and seasons, you can afford them and still have money left over for kibble for you and the dogs.  Actually, if you spend over $35, they offer free shipping.  They aren't lined collars, but the webbing is very soft, so if that is important to you, know that you might want to save them for occasions when you're going out and about or having company over.  They're so cute that you might not want to take them off your dogs, though!

I have a feeling we may be placing an order for a few things from them ourselves in the near future.  Another thing we liked about this company is that they offer the Rescue Partner Program, which is a cool way to help out rescue groups.  Shopping with a company that has compassion for rescue definitely makes us happy!  You can find them online and on Facebook if you're interested in ordering.  We were definitely impressed by what we've seen of them!

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  1. All of woo are PAWESOME khollar models!

    Thanks fur sharing them!


  2.'s a delight to see those wonderful collars hanging around your Hounds' neck... how much would it cost me to have one???:)

    Good day!!!:)


  3. Fab photos. Loving the collars. Off to have a look:)

  4. These are very pretty collars although we are sure the models could make anything look good!
    I am also a collar addict - to the extent that I now don't tell husband I have bought more!!!!

  5. You all look lovely! Great looking collars too! Love the bright colors.

  6. Great pcitures, again. Morgans collar is 100% right for an alsatian.

  7. Those are some very cute collars!! Such good models too :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  8. Those do be some bootiful collahs. Mom neffur changes ours coz she wants our ID tags on us at all times even tho we has microchips too. So duss you has to move all the tags ofur efurry time you change collahs?

    I think I rilly dussn't need extra clothing to keep me warm in the winter and I flat out will not wear silly coats. (I mean, they be OK fur greyhounds coz they has no unnercoats or fat but us shepherds, no way!) I do not mind my no-huntin-me hiking vests and I do has one wot has insulashuns fur when it be rilly cold and mom feels I need extra. But I has my unnercoat on always and I feel that do be suffishent.

  9. Beautiful collars! I love how wide they are. So many are so narrow that they'd hurt a dog who pulled even the slightest bit. You've changed my whole attitude toward collars, much to the chagrin of my husband...

  10. What a grrreat collar collection you have and this is an excellent review of the products.
    Butt your posts are ALWAYS excellent. Maybe it is beclaws of the beautiful Subjects in all your photos. I'm just sayin'.

  11. Love love love all your collars!

    All of you are pawsome models too : }

  12. What gorgeous models!! And beautiful collars!


  13. Beautiful collars.
    I may have missed this somewhere, but does Morgan ever wear a Martingale collar? Just curious on how these would work on her.

    I think Farm and Fleet is where my sister got the pink overalls, they are so warm!! but they only came in kids sizes so she got the the biggest ones:)

  14. After seeing how many collars your dogs own, I started to feel guilt as my dog only has one. That's right. One. The same collar she wore at the shelter, actually, because in our excitement we forgot to buy one before picking her up.

    Christmas is coming! And these Sirus collars look fantastic.

  15. They are beautiful collars on those hounds, no doubt!

  16. Oh dear... my momma clicked on that link and she's having a party with those collars! I have a feeling I'll be getting a new one soon! WAHOO!

  17. It's modeling day!! Sweet!

    I have a lot of collars too...I'd have more if dad didn't step in. There's nothing wrong with fashion ( is totally getting me a Christmas collar this year, dad doesn't know it though!!)

  18. Very nice collars! I actually can't wear collars - harnesses only. My previous (idiot) owner made me wear a collar that was obviously too tight and I have some long term issues as a result.

    Your pal, Pip

  19. Headed there now to check it out!

  20. oooh you look fab! Sooo stylish and Phew I'm wagging my mom isn'the only one with a collar fixation! She often has them sent from your side of the big pee too!

    Wiry wags Eric xx

  21. Collars are beautiful and of course, your pups make them look even more spectacular. Mom is threatening to shave our necks so our collars will show:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  22. We're big fans too - a collection has started growing here. :)

    You wear it well ladies!

  23. Those are nice. Unfortunately for us, Qld has some green-collar law that means we have to have the green collar for us to allow our dogs to walk in public without a muzzle--don't get me started.
    Of course, who is out there reporting, right? I should get a nice collar and have the green collars in my pack with my poo bags. Oh, hey! That's it.

  24. WowWeeee!! 'dose collars are super cool!! We do like 'da whimsy patterns!! You all looks very stylish!!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  25. The collars are pawesome!
    I loved seeing Lilac's picture there!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. Very nice collars! We will head over and check them out!


  27. Those are bee-yoo-ti-ful! You greyhounds wear them well! And you, too, Morgan :)

    The Road Dogs

  28. Sirius was wise to approach the family with the most fashionable hounds around for a review. Miss Bunny is not only a model but a fashion expert, and it seems that Mom knows a thing or two, also! Thanks Carrie for telling us what you thought of the collars.
    By the way, they look lovely on all the girls.


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