Friday, November 19, 2010

A Matter Of Perspective

Two weeks ago, our lives seemed pretty uncomplicated, with the same mundane things that everyone else has to worry about.  Then a little lump reared its ugly head on Blueberry's head.  Now that we have the surgery behind us, its given me time to think a bit about the lessons that have come our way.

There are times when having four dogs is a bit of a juggling act.  We try to make sure that all four of them get their share of love and attention, and whatever else they need.  For Morgan, that's extra exercise so she doesn't climb the walls in the house.  Bunny needs a bit of space from Morgan, her personal body guard.  Lilac needs extra patience and understanding.  Then there's Blueberry, the typical middle child. 

She really doesn't ask for anything.  Blueberry wants to go with us when we take Morgan and Bunny out, even when that involves car rides, which she's not so crazy about.  All she really wants is not to be left out.  Sometimes we're able to make that happen, and sometimes not.  If we're going hiking on a trail that we know is pretty difficult, or the weather is warmer or cooler than optimal, we leave her at home. 

However, going through a scare with an illness changes your perspective on things.  Suddenly, life became all about Blueberry and her lump.  I've known a lot of Greyhound people who have dealt with cancer in their dogs, or mysterious lumps.  We've dealt with fatty lumps on Treat, Hawk and Lilac as a part of the aging process.  Treat died after a brief battle with a spinal tumor, but there was nothing we could do with that one.  Making decisions for Blueberry while we were still reeling from the possibilities was a much more harrowing experience that seemed to take over our lives for that brief span of time.

Now that we're through the surgery part and she's on the mend, I find myself wondering what we can do that makes Blueberry feel special.  She views riding in the car as a necessary evil to get to fun stuff, but she really doesn't enjoy it.  Going for walks is really not her thing, either.  We've had many battles over the walking issue with her.  She likes practicing obedience, when it interferes with someone else's time, especially, but she doesn't like to do it for very long.  She's in an inbetween phase where some things are a little too much for her to handle, but she's still young enough to want to go and do things.

So, we're making room for her to have a spot on the couch, we let her join in on the training games, and we take her along whenever we can.  If she demands her own blog, I'm in trouble, though.  One is about all I can keep up with there.  We're looking to Blueberry to see where she'll lead us.  I'm sure we'll find something that we never expected.  Blue has a quirky sense of humor that often keeps us on our toes and it's one of the things I love the most about her. 

You might remember that a little while ago, we were asked to use Blueberry's picture for the cover of Lacey Blue And Friends, a new book that's coming out.  We're pleased to announce that it is now going on sale.  You can find more information about it on Lacey's website.  If you'd like to order a copy, you can visit Lacey and Bill on their blog.  We have heard that it will also be available in a few other forms, as well.  They were nice enough to let us have a copy to give away here on the blog, too, so keep your eyes peeled for our giveaway, sometime after Thanksgiving.  Bill Hart, the author of the book, has also extended a very generous offer to us.  He told me initially when we were talking about the book that he planned to offer it to rescue groups to use to help raise money if they were interested.  Now he has offered to donate $2 from the sale of the book to Blueberry from now until the end of the year.  If you order the book through his website and use this coupon code, WCEJR5E4 he'll donate the money to Blueberry.  So, if you have some dog lovers on your Christmas list who like to read, we've found your gift for you. 

We were also asked by Barbara who writes If I Didn't Have A Sense Of Humor if she could start a donation fund for Blueberry's vet bills.  You can visit her blog to learn more about it.  Several people have asked about it and Barbara asked us if she could help us by doing this, so we were grateful to accept the offer.  You never know when something will strike you out of the blue, as we have learned.  The good part of that, though, is learning about the good in people and seeing the best in them when you might not be at your best.  To say that we have been grateful for all of the support we've recieved as we've learned of Blueberry's illness seems very small, but we really are appreciative of all the kind comments we've recieved on the blog, Facebook and Greyhound forums that we visit.  Our perspective is changing every day!
Blueberry Types for the Blog
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  1. It sounds like Blueberry's biopsy came back negative and, once she's recovered from the incision wound, no more treatment will be required? We do hope so. She's such a lovely girl and we're glad to see she's claiming her fair share of the attention - and maybe a litle extra.

    Jed & Abby

  2. Blueberry looks lovely in that pink coat.

    I hope whatever transpires with Blueberry you have many long years ahead with her.

  3. That girl has had all of us worried. I don't mean to be pesky, but have you learned anything in regard to treatment?

  4. Hope things will be better for Blueberry and she's gorgeous in that outfit.

    Licks, hero

  5. What a sweet girl Blue is! Hope things go well with her, I'm sure she's happy to get a bit more attention on her too!

  6. I'm sure that Blueberry will approve of any plan that involves more Blueberry time. I hope things are going well with her health and that she thoroughly enjoys that spot on the couch.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. It sounds like the spot on the couch is what Blueberry enjoys. I think that makes her feel very special.

    We are going to check out the book!

  8. Yuh, it is hard with more than one dog to make sure everybody gets what they need and of course we all want to be the center of attention but we each need our own special time, right? Even a few minutes a day with each doggie makes a big difference. Of course when I need cuddles I just head butt stupid PeeWee out of the way. Sometimes we need to remind our humans of whose turn it is.

    I sure hope Miss Blueberry continues to feel well. I have a big dog bump on the base of my tail that momma says I need to get aspirated. Oh dear.


  9. What an uplifting blog post. You touched our hearts in a special way. We hope that Blueberry continues to do as well as she is - we know she has already found her special place.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  10. Dang girl. I feel your pain for sure. You know the hell I had with my Dixie girl I am still reeling over that one. Don't think I will ever be the same. Enjoy every day you have...

  11. What a beautiful post and very well written.
    I hope Blueberry continues to bring you and your family happiness for the years to come.

  12. No joke about the 4 dogs thing! But I am pretty sure Blueberry will let you know what she wants! Mine always do whether I want them to or not!

    Thinking of ya'll,

    The Heartbeats

  13. This is such a lovely blog post.

    It made the Lady Of The House come and give me another BIGGGGG hug (actually I've been getting even more cuddles and hugs than usual - if that's possible - since Blueberry's news).

    Blueberry and her three siblings are ALL very beautiful and special.

    Great news about the book and the fund. Good luck with both.

    Have a lovely weekend all together and we'll keep everything crossed in England xxx

  14. Maybe Blueberry is happy the way things are - it is hard to tell with the dynamics of owning several dogs. To single her out would upset the order they have created. Still, she might just like a little extra "Blueberry time" - even it means a snuggle on the couch.


  15. I can tell by your words that YOU are getting stronger after this ... blow to your world. That makes me feel so very much better for all of you.
    Blueberry has always been able to show you what SHE wants and I am betting she will do the same this time.
    That is wonderful news about the author donating to BLUEBERRY.

  16. I know the vet bills...ugh.... we'd go in for our Spring check ups and shots and come out with over $5,000.00 worth of vet bills. And that was just for 'healthy' hounds. :)

    Being a 9 hound household for many years and having 19 greys I can relate to your post this morning in so many ways.

    Each hound has their own personality, absolutely. Each was my child to study and respond to what made them 'tick' (so to speak). What made them happy...who wants a kennel, who doesn't, who liked Meets and Greets, and who doesn't. Who responded to obed. training and who didn't. Who can play and growl with the others and who had to be calmed down. Who prefered the couch and who prefered the bed on the floor.

    Any 'special needs' hound felt comfortable in the pack because the pack seemed to 'sense' things and made them comfortable, we always conformed.

    In all my years and with all my hounds I have found that it's the little things that mean so much. Don't underestimate what you already do and have done with Bluegirl...and just keep doing them. :)

    She has a wonderful home and she feels your love always. This is just about everything any hound could want.

    Still hard for you....probably harder on you than on Blueberry at this point.

    Lots of hugs.

  17. We know the uncertainty of Blueberry's outcome is very stressful.

    Our paws are stilled crossed for your entire family!

    Minnie and Mack

  18. Oooh...couch time! That would be a great perk! Now, ice cream + couch time = success!!


  19. I agree couch time is always a good thing. I will definitely check out Lacey's book and visit the website. I feel like I really know Blueberry much better after reading this post. Thanks.

    Your pal, Pip

  20. Your attitude is absolutely wonderful. It seems as if you're working at finding the good that will come out of your scary situation. Finding new things to do with Blue to make her feel special is a wonderful side effect.

    I can relate to the vet bill thing - believe me, we're facing it right now. We are fortunate to have good pet health insurance... I'll go visit Barbara's blog.

    Thanks for the boot info!

    Blueberry is SO beautiful and lucky to have you.

  21. I think I woof fur adopted dogs efurrywhere when I say we is all just grateful from the bottom of our hearts to be in the homes we is in. We mite act like life do not be fair when we dussn't get to do efurrything all the time (the dog manual say we has to do that) but rilly, anything above and beyond living with you do be a big bonus!

  22. We are praying for Blueberry and your family!! That's so awesome about the book!! We're going to have to talk to Santa!! We'll be adding Blueberry to our Paws of Prayer page today!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  23. Amazing how things can change in da blink of an eye dat make you have to think and rethink and blah blah blah.
    They is only 3 of us heres but we ia all soooo totally different in our own special ways. Mum makes sure hers spends indidual time with us too.
    Blueberry texted me and said hers wants da couch.

    VET bills are expensive no matters what and it a shame dat some peeps struggle to do whats best fur da love of their lives. We head on to see what we can do.


  24. What you said about perspective is so accurate. It's funny how big things can seem so small in case of a health emergency. Nothing else matters if someone is sick or injured, then getting them healthy again.

    I'm so glad everyone has been so kind and supportive. It's wonderful to have a community that gets together in times of need.

    You take it easy, be good to yourselves.

  25. I'll second what Kristin said. When something like this happens, it's easy to succumb to The Guilts -- How could I let this happen, What more can I do for Blue -- and I think it's even more tempting when you're faced with an uncertain outcome; feeling somehow responsible, in a perverse way, gives you a feeling of control.

    Try to let go of that, and be gentle with yourself, and let Blue tell you what she needs. Whatever happens, I'll be praying for you.
    - - - - - - -
    dog beds and more

  26. Looks like I'm buying a book!!

    Hugs and kisses to all the pups, but an extra one to Blueberry!!

  27. Sending extra special HUGS to Blueberry today, from Harley, Beau, Lee and me!

  28. This is a wonderful post about Blue... she deserves more couch time :) Having more than one furry... its sometimes hard to balance out the time for each of them. I'm sure you tried your best.

    We'll check out the book and will get for christmas :)

  29. We can relate quite easily to your post. Many of your words are exactly what we could say with respect to Phantom. We hope that Blueberry has many wonderful years in her spot on the sofa:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  30. Looking great in pink Blueberry!

    Matt and Morgan.

  31. Blueberry kinda reminds me of my great gramma. When she came to visit us last time, she said she didn't want to drive or walk or sit or "look at stuff." But she still wanted to be included. So that was kinda hard. But we figured it out and I bets you will, too!

    And I think it's super wonderful of Miss Barbara to help out! I'm gonna check it out right now!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  32. What a wonderful post and we are still thinking of your Blueberry~~

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  33. Blueberry's Blog....Sounds good to me! :)

    (((((((((((More Big Hugs)))))))))))

  34. I see the Love Protocol is in full swing in your home, too! I am a huge fan, and I know the Bleuberry is too!

    wif love from the Luke

    P.S. The Bleu had a suggestion for Blueberry's new blog name... "outta the blueberry"!

  35. Blueberry looks fantastic in her coat. She is such a fashion plate!!

    What a touching post this was.


  36. I can't imagine how hard it must be to find individual time among 4 dogs. This is a good idea and funny because not all dogs like the same things.

  37. Hurray! Couch time for Bluberry! I am sure she is loving it!
    Sure a lot changed in just a few days but I am sure everything is going to be ok!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  38. I know exactly how you feel about everything suddenly becoming about Blueberry. When Layla had her recent scare, I honestly couldn't even think of Marge, and just wanted to spend every moment with my cat.

    Here's hoping for everything to be OK.

  39. oh blueberry ish just full of bewootifulness. we pray for her furry much so

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack


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