Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chicago Shopping

Bunny here at the keyboard with a tale about our special Sunday outing.

Remember back when I asked for help with that contest on Facebook?  Well, thanks to a lot of help from my friends, I was able to win this time.  Thank you to everybody who clicked "like" for me in the Voyager's K9 Apparel contest!  We got the gift certificate in the mail this week and we found out that they were going to be vending at the Greyhounds Only reunion up in Chicago.  We asked them to bring a coat for Blueberry and we made our plans to go to the reunion.

The reunion was fantastic!  There were Greyhounds everywhere to sniff.  Of course, there was also shopping to be done.  We picked out Blueberry's coat and I tried on some boots.  After our outing on Saturday, I can't say that I think I'd mind them too much.  Mom and Dad are hoping we're going to get to go out and do a little hiking this winter and they should help me keep warm and dry while we're out in the snow.  Of course, just walking around town I won't need them, but I do like the idea of my feet not freezing off out in the tundra. 

Anyroo, I saw all kinds of fabulous finds, but we didn't find a ton of stuff.  One of the most exciting parts was seeing my friend Jackson up there.  He and his sister, Emma, stayed with us for a week back when his mom had to take a trip for a funeral.  I liked him a lot better when we saw him today and we hear that he's grown up a lot and learned some manners.  I have to agree that he has!  He's big enough that I could walk under him without having to bend down at all.  Hopefully we'll be able to get together with him and Emma soon!

I think shopping and mingling was a good distraction for Blueberry, too.  She got to sniff a lot, and I was nice and walked with Dad so that she could be with Mom.  Don't believe any rumors that you hear that I was not listening to Mom like I should have been there.  Even if that were true, there were hundreds of hounds there that I had to sniff!   I mean, really, a girl needs to make acquaintances.  Shopping was a little tough, though, because people kept stopping to fuss over Blueberry and me.  For my friends who are not Greyhounds, I should explain that Blueberry is an unusual color for Greyhounds and often when people see it, they make a big fuss about it.  Blue didn't seem to mind, even with everybody patting her head.  I think she's mainly just happy that she's got a stylish coat to wear when we go out this winter. 

We would like to thank everybody for all their good wishes, thoughts and prayers for Blue.  She goes in tomorrow morning for her surgery, and Mom will hopefully pick her up and bring her home after work.  Then we can give her a thorough sniff over and let her rest.  We'll all be together with her on Thursday, too.  We will post an update Thursday morning about how she's doing.  I'll try to get her to let me post a picture of her new hairdo when she gets home, but I can't promise she will.  In case you didn't know, we Greyhounds are a little vain. 

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  1. Our paws are crossed for you Blue. Hope everything goes all good tomorrow. Take good care of her Bunny.

  2. Fabby photos as always. Love the Greyhounds ornaments.

    Keeping everything crossed for Blueberry. Song and I will be thinkingof her and sending her positive healing thoughts and of course huge hugs (((Blueberry))).

  3. Good luck tomorrow for Blueberry. We understand if we don't get to see the new hairdo:-) Lots of good thoughts coming from New Zealand.

  4. That sounds like a great event.

    I understand you completely Bunny. When I went to the Great Greyhound Gathering we have in England I had to sniff to be sociable too.

    I was a bit overwhelmed by all the dogs at first (the Retired Greyhound Trust had needed to find me a forever home where I could be an only dog) but I enjoyed it once I'd had some reassurance from my folks.

    Your family sounds lovely though and I know you'll all be rallying round Blue and we'll be waiting to hear how everything goes.

    Be strong and know how much you are in everyone's thoughts.

    Sniffs and hugs from Winnie

  5. Will be thinking of Blue tomorrow.

  6. Paws crossed for Blueberry.

    What super stylish dogs you are - those knee high boots looks fabulous dahling.

    Lilly, Piper Carrleigh and Ruairi

  7. Thinking of Blue - hope it all goes well!
    Another fabulous report Bunny, thank you.

  8. With your stylish collars and coats (and now boots), wherever would you get the vanity from?

    Best of wishes from The Herd for Blueberry. We will be thinking of you.

  9. We had to laugh after our comment. Our security word was couture. How fitting.

  10. Sounds like you had a great outing!
    We will be thinking of Blueberry tomorrow:)

  11. Congratulations on winning the the Voyager's K9 Apparel contest!!!

    Glad you and Blueberry got something warm for the winter. Your mom and dad are really thoughtful and sweet.

    Hope the surgery goes well and we'll be thinking of her!!!

  12. Woof! Woof! I met lots of Greyhounds during 4th of July parade (they were having a reunion). Sending lots of my Golden Healing Thoughts to Blue. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. You KNOW that we will ALL have our paws crossed for Blueberry tomorrow. Sending all my special VIBES for her >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  14. our paws and mumster's toes are also crossed for Blue.....we'll be thinking of you tomorrow

    chikisses and congrats on your win
    coco and tiffy

  15. Greyhounds? Vain? I'd never believe it. Besides, they have every right to be.

    I'm glad you had fun in Chicago. A reunion is such a great idea!

    I'll be thinking of Blueberry during her surgery and wishing her a rapid recovery.

  16. A little vain? That is the perfect understatement! :)

    Tell Blueberry she is no less beautiful for it...

  17. Say - who makes the little figurines you had pictured? Love them.

    Prayers and fingers crossed for Blueberry when she goes in. She is now and forever beautiful!

    Looks like the shopping was successful and congrats Bunny on your win!

  18. First, I was already thinking of Blue this morning, sending her and your family my positive thoughts and energy.

    I'm not surprised that everyone makes a fuss over Blue - she's gorgeous. You are too, Bunny, but I had heard about your prancing around with other greyhounds all the way here in Colorado. K told me that it was in the pee-mail next to the trail!

    Bunny - I have two ideas about Blue's hairdo. You could get yours done the same way to help her feel better about it. Or, your mom could have HER hair done that way :) My second thought was that you could buy Blue a pretty hat to wear. Just some crazy ideas... Hope all is well today.

  19. Bunny - say it isn't so, you wear boots! My mom TRIED to get me to wear boots last winter, but I said NO WAY!

    We will be thinking about Blueberry tomorrow. Please keep us posted.

    Your pal, Pip

  20. Your shopping trip looked like so much fun! You didn't post photos of Blueberry's new coat?

    We are keeping Blueberry in our thoughts. Paws are crossed here.

  21. Im so glad she won, we have no problem voting anytime for our fellow doggie pals!
    What a cool get together!!

    Congrats again!

  22. Neat boots Bunny! We like those - ours ar short and sometimes fall off! We didn't see a picture of Blue's new coat! We wish you all the best of luck tomorrow - we will look forward to an update! <3 <3 <3

  23. Congratulations on your win Bunny - you so deserve it.
    What fun to go shopping and get a new coat for Blue too!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  24. That event looks like such fun! I think efurbody's gettin' ready for snow!!

    We all have our Paws crossed for Blue! Let us know how she's doing!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  25. What a fun shopping trip!! Glad you won the contest!!

    Paws crossed for Berry! Please have mom keep us all updated. I wonder with the haircut if Blue will look like Franken-berry? :) HUGS!!

  26. ♫ You're so vain, you prob'ly think this post is about you ... ♫

    Good luck with Blueberry's surgery. We will be sending purrs and tail wags!

  27. If I was around you sure would be sore from looking down at me all da time...invest in a heating pad maybe.

    We have all our paws crossed fur Blue and fur da reast of sa family.


  28. miss bunny,
    i didn't know if ya'll had won the gift certificate or not, so coolio! miss blueberry needs to pose for us in her new coat! those winter booties you tried on are nifty, but do they make you walk funny? asa says they make her walk like a duckie. teehee.
    me and asa and mama are goin' into overdrive and sendin' mega hooge amounts of good thoughts to miss blueberry for tomorrow!

    the booker man

  29. Boots - how cool! We just hope we get some snow this year. We are all thinking very good thoughts for Blueberry. We will keep her and the rest of the family in our thoughts and prayers for some good news.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  30. We are all praying for Blueberry and know that it will all turn out well. No one messes with Bunny's siblings!

  31. Those boots look super cool! Alien and I are sending positive, cosmic vibes your way.


  32. What a wonderful event! I love a the clothes you get to wear so well.

    Your gonna do great tomorrow Blueberry... we just know it.

  33. Mom and me is happy dat you won!!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Paws are crossed fur Blueberry. I am sending puppy prayers to her too. :)

  34. Paws khrossed fur Blueberry AND all of woo! I know how khoncerned all will be!

    Thanks fur sharing your shopping fun!

    I love the regal lounging Greyhounds in the last pikh - that is one of my favourite poses too!


  35. Congrats on your win! It's good to hear you were in the city, and would have been even funnier to have run into you. We'll be thinking of Blueberry.

  36. Thanks so much for the information regarding the sculptures! Greytly appreciated.

  37. Oh, yes...networking is Most Impawtant! Surely your mom knows that! It sounds like you and Blueberry had a super terrific time. I can hardly wait to see a picture of Blueberry modeling her new coat!

    My paws are crossed and super duper pawerful brindle wishes are headed Blueberry's way for an easy operation and for her to get back to 100% in record time!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  38. I will be thinking of you all day long until I come and see everything went well!
    Paws crossed!
    Kisses and hugs

  39. We hope all goes well for Blueberry.
    Love from Bella and Ollie

  40. Mom needs to understand that everybody wants to meet you and Blueberry, Bunny, and that you, as a role model for girl hounds everywhere and a girl who knows that it is important to be sociable, cannot spend all your time keeping her company at gatherings, much as you understand your duty to make her feel special, right?

  41. Looks like such a fun event, and everyone loves a little retail therapy. Keeping all of you in my thoughts this week. Fingers and paws crossed for Blueberry.

  42. Shopping is paw ways good... did yous see 'da pug in 'da last pho-toes... hee hees

    we's waiting on Blue news!

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man


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